1. J

    Alternatives to winterizing

    I have a 2019 Spark Trixx that is new to me, as are PWC's in general. I do live in an area with a winter that can see multiple days in a row below freezing so I understand the benefit of purging water from the exhaust system since my storage is not climate controlled. I also understand that...
  2. jharding08

    96 GTS Winterization (DIY)

    Looking to winterize my two 96 GTS Skis by myself this year. We moved to northern Colorado, but I am keeping them in an insulated garage (but not heated) all winter I paid to get them winterized last year, but I worked on them in the spring and have a better understanding of the systems, so I...
  3. C

    LinQ installation on 2015 GTX 260 IS Limited possible?

    I was looking to purchase the linQ base mounting kit for the Spark and drill and mount the base connectors to the rear storage lid of my 2015 GTX 260 Is Limited. Looks simple enough, and I have oversized stainless steel washers for the fixing screws. Has anyone done this before? The rear...
  4. D

    2010 seadoo challenger 230 modifications

    Hello together, I just bought a 2010 seadoo challenger 230 and did already some modifications like tower and audio (see pictures). When I wanted to install perfect pass I learned that it’s not produced anymore for seadoo boats. Has anyone an idea on where to get that? I also wanted to cut open...
  5. J

    anchor storage

    Hi Recently bought a new 2019 gtx 230 i have a steel 10lbs anchor and wondering how to store it on my seadoo with out bouncing around in the front storage area and damaging the storage area or other items
  6. BMoreE

    Flushing on an Angle

    I'm considering putting some wheel runners on my wooden boat ramp on the Potomac (salt) so that I can avoid trailering the ski every night in the summer. I'll just crank 'er up, provided the tide doesn't get too low, like we do with an outboard runabout. However, this means that when I do the...
  7. lamajama

    Storage Tips/Ideas from Anyone?

    Just purchased 2008 GTX and am trying to figure out a way to organize the "tub" storage compartment as it's just a big bucket. Kind of useless for any organization. I've tried to locate sealed tubs to put inside but can't seem to find either the correct size (need about a 12x12 inch square tote...
  8. N

    Jet-Ski Trips!

    Hey Everyone, Thinking of planning a trip from the Hamptons to Montauk, NY, or from Captree to the Hamptons. That being said I haven't done a big run like this before. My question is what do you bring when you guys go on weekend or day jet ski trips? Feel free to share your stories and the...
  9. E

    Seat Removal

    I have a 1998 Sportster 1800, and I wanted to ask if anyone has put those metal darts in all the seats like the one at the Bow. I want to be able to remove the seats for better storage.
  10. james1300

    97' GSX Winterization? New member. (2) whole days

    There must be a good article/ video for the complete winterization of my boat. (I've had it for 4 months) I go to, "You Tube". Some people start and run water out and call it good. The Factory manual has me disconnecting 3 hoses and clamping 2 of 3 hoses, then pouring RV anti-freeze into the...
  11. L

    Winterizing, anti-corrosion treatment?

    Hi guys, do you use to treat the external parts of the engine with anti-corrosion lube? If so, what is the right product to use before winter storage , WD-40 , CRC 6-66 , XPS Lube , other?
  12. G

    Dad/Son Project - "New" 1992 XP

    Your awesome advice to get my 96 GTX running again got me motivated (bad rectifier causing it to bog down - for the last 5 years). I even used prior posts to fix my LCD InfoCenter (I can now see the gas level) and replace the buzzer with a unit from Floyd Bell. It's a blast having a working...
  13. powerslave

    Looking for seal stripping for storage tray (95 spx)

    My storage tray does not have the seal underneath it where it rests with the hull. Can I use any type rubber stripping? I looked in the parts section and it doesn't even show stripping for that location. It does for the cover where it rests on the storage tray but not the other.
  14. X

    Winterizing or NOT

    I live in Minnesota and purchase a new 150 Speedster 255SC this year. Put 11 hours on it and changed the oil on it already. I keep it in my shop where I work, it is only heated while I am in it, as I turn the heat off when I leave. It is a big shop and has brick and drywall for 3 of my walls...
  15. K

    brand new Sea Doo GTI SE 155 - need to winterize it?

    Hi there, Just bought a new 2011 Seadoo GTI SE 155 from a local dealership - my first ever PWC. Since it's the end of the summer season here already (Northern Alberta Canada), I don't plan on using it this season and I'm just storing it. The Seadoo will be stored in an uninsulated...