1. Q

    97 XP Limping issues

    I have a 97 XP (787) that will typically start and run fine for 30 minutes or so then suddenly power cuts out, almost like it's running on one cylinder. It gets very boggy and will only run at no wake speeds. At times it will stall and will be extremely hard to start again. It does not appear to...
  2. A

    2018 Seadoo GTX 155 (75Hrs) Only Goes 40 Mph

    2018 GTX 155 (75Hrs) - New Battery - New Wear Ring - New Spark Plugs (NGK 4339 - DCPR8E) - New BRP Oil & Filter (ran 30 sec, off 30 sec, little over halfway on the dip stick) - New Key Programed - I had the only key(Green Learner) programed to be the normal key (says "normal key" at startup now)...
  3. T

    04 Speedster 200 Slow Crank to One Engine

    Hey guys, long time lurker but first time poster. I’ve had an issue with my 2004 Speedster 200 since I bought it (in 2009), where the Starboard (right) engine is slow to crank/start. Well, slower than the port engine. We would always start the port engine first, then the right engine would...
  4. M

    95 GTX starts, idles, wont rev high enough to plane

    Was running fine until my dad sucked up some rope. He pulled it up on the dock and turned it on its side to get the rope out. All the rope appears to be gone and he said he rode it afterwards but when I went to ride it wont rev up enough to get up on plane - goes like 10 mph maybe. Everything...
  5. D

    Problem with 1999 Seadoo Gtx

    1999 Seadoo Gtx – doesn’t go faster than 30mph or 4000 rpm, starts fine and runs okay at low speeds, starts bogging out at speeds > 25mph, had the carbs rebuilt and fuel systems inspected and everything appears fine, the machine ran fine last season – but at the very start of this season this...
  6. A

    bogging-- rich?? (I think) (also slow)

    Ok, so I took my 97 gti out today. It ran good all day. It is slow (35mph). But otherwise dependable. Started flawless and idled flawless everytime. At the end of the day it started bogging on acceleration. I think it is an issue of too much oil. (pump blocked off, runs premix)(I did put more...
  7. B

    2000 GTX ME (carbs) 5000 RPM Max

    I have a 2000 GTX Millennium Edition (Model #5545) with Rotax 947 (carburetors). In June, my son left the drain plugs out and flooded the compartment which stalled the engine. We immediately put it on the lift, drained the compartment, pulled the plugs and turned it over a couple times. Did...
  8. D

    2003 GTX 4-tec

    I purchased a 2003 GTX 4-TEC from a dealer last year with 105 hours on it. Day 1 I was able to hit 52 mph - slowly over the summer the top speed went down and now tops out at 42 mph (I'm at 145 hrs now)- took it to the dealer last week and they replaced the wear ring and said that should take...
  9. tedc


    Islandia with a Merc Performace Problem My problem in short: My Throttle Position Sensor in my 01 islandia went bad at a time Mercury was not supplying them. I don't know if they ever got that issue resolved. A mechanic took a Sensor out of a Mercury 150 outboard and rigged the harness...
  10. M

    2005 RXT mysteriously slow

    Hello guys im here looking for direction. I purchased this RXT a few months ago and started learning its pitfalls quickly. I was an uneducated consumer and got the ski with a bad wear ring and impeller. So i replaced the wear ring and impeller then started adding some goodies. You can see...
  11. B

    weekend boater

    Put new plugs in 3 year old sportster during winter- engine runs smooth and starts easy but thrust won't get speed over 25-30 mph. LAt year topped out at over 40. any ideas?