seadoo rxt

  1. S

    Will my triton wave trailer fit a larger seadoo?

    i have your new wave single jetski trailer. it fits fine with my seadoo spark trixx 3up that is 120in in length. i want to find out if a 2008 seadoo RXT with a length of 130in can fit on my wave single trailer. it's max load is 750lb and its length is 148in thanks
  2. Matthewmckinney85

    Buying question 2007 seadoo RXT

    Hello all, I am looking to buy a 2007 seadoo RXT from somebody. It runs well and appears to be problem free with one exception. The problem is water in the gauge cluster. I have seen on previous forum posts that this may be a common problem with the model. My question is, should this prevent me...
  3. R

    Seadoo Purchase decision

    i currently have a 1996 XP but its not reliable enough to use it to school. So i think im going to sell it and buy a newer PWC that is more reliable so i can use it to school and be sure it starts when im going home again, haha. so i've been searching around and i found these to be within my...
  4. C-Gremlin

    05' Seadoo RXT - Info Guage Cluster Not Work

    I went to go fire up my 2005 Seadoo RXT (3 Passenger with 205 hrs) at the start of the holiday weekend (July 2nd) and had some issues right away with the info guage cluster (LCD screen + MPH+RPM Guage). See attached photo of similiar guage cluster for info. The first start attempt, I placed...
  5. S

    Need help with my 2009 seadoo rxt is 255 ibr light wont start

    I need help I just got my seadoo rxt is 255 2009 33 hrs on it. I replaced the battery worked great for 5 minutes and boom stops and limp mode comes on then turns off and ibr light comes and doesn't even start had to get toed home. Here's a video of it
  6. aaronrich17

    2005 seadoo RXT questions

    hello everyone, just recently joined this forum. 2 stroke guy switched over to 4 stroke. I just recently purchased an 05 RXT with rather high hours (300) for 3K. I was slightly iffy at first until I met up with the guy, who also has an 07 RXT, 05 RXP and also two other newer SC skis. when we met...
  7. C-Gremlin

    Water in 2005 Seadoo RXT Engine Compartment After Intake Grate Screw Came Off

    I have a 2005 Seadoo Rxt supercharged with 200 hours. I rode the pwc for two hours this past weekend and tied it off to the pier to store overnight. I returned to it the next day to find the rear end of the pwc partially submerged and the inside of the haul filled with water. The water did not...
  8. D

    Sea doo RTX-X 255 (2008) Oil alarm non-stop continuous flatline beep noise.

    Hi guys! I'm new here. Glad to be a part of a very informative and helpful community such as this! Here is my issue: when I turn on my Seadoo and give it gas the oil icon pops up and a continuous beep gets turned on. RPM's automatically drop and I am unable to keep them up. What could be the...
  9. B

    Seadoo RXT IS 2009 error code P0122

    Hello, anybody had any encounter an error code PO122 with a seadoo RXT IS model 2009? I always have this error code with beep sound whenever i use this watercraft. Any ideas on what I should do?