1. G

    Carb adjustments

    Still working on my neighbor's 97 Challenger (sgl 787). Having issues...as in after all my work, it is still doing the exact same thing it did before. Questions at end, background first. Original symptoms: slow acceleration to top speed, but was able to plane up to about 40mph eventually...
  2. k_24

    is this a good rave valve ?

    im cleaning the rave valves and just wanted to know if they look okay , there was a lot of oil on them any help would be appreciated thanks.
  3. K

    2 sizes of tubing for 951 RAVE pulse line? (4.3mm looks too small for barb)

    1999 XP Limited 951 I am replacing the RAVE pulse line and check valve. The barbs on the crankcase and check valve look too large for the 4.6mm hose specified. The barb on the solenoid looks like the right size, but the others on the crankcase and check valve look like 1/4 inch. Is there a...
  4. L

    2002 GTX (carb) Rave Question

    I have a 2002 GTX that is only getting to about 6k rpms. Riding last weekend, it would do the normal almost 7k - a few family members rode throughout the day and now it is lagging. I found the crankcase line (connected to the check valve) unhooked. I hooked it back up to no avail. Since then...
  5. S

    Melted RAVE valves affecting performance?

    Hi, Yesterday I took my 96 gtx out and it was only revving up to 5000 rpm it was perfect and normal until it got to 5000 rpm then it wouldn't go any more. I decided to turn the rave valves in with the red cap and I started it and gave it full throttle and it went straight to 7000rpm but after...
  6. M

    787 RAVE Valve Missing Nut

    Broke the threaded stem on one of my RAVE valves, when I removed the top end, the other end went into the bottom of the boat cavity. I ordered the new valve and a couple of parts that melted, but did not order the plunger. The plunger looked good, did not think about the nut being part of the...
  7. N

    2000 RXDI Rave Valve not cycling on shutdown

    Hello, So I just installed a rebuilt engine in my 2000 rxdi. I started the engine up and everything sounded great. When I shut the ski off I noticed that I didn't hear the rave valves cycling like I did before. I tried it again and the rave solenoid isn't activating. I hooked the candoo...
  8. N

    ALUMINUM RAVE CAPS for 787/ 800 Motors

    Machined Aluminum Rave Caps for 787/ 800 motors! Replaces the Threaded Upper part of the Rave Bellow that melts with high exhaust heat made to have a higher heat tolerance than the stock plastic piece $30 for a pair! PM me if interested!
  9. M

    97 GSX 787, yet another fuelling thread? I dont think so

    Hi guys, this is my first post here, although I have been stalking this site for over a year now. I am the very happy owner of a 97 GSX with the rotax 787 that has seen all types of riding with great results. I race motocross and am very picky with maintenance, so it has been rewarding to keep...
  10. rksnow1

    another RAVE question....

    I know this topic of the RAVE valve has been beat to death and I just read 50+ posts and didnt see my exact issue. I just replaced my grey fuel lines with new lines and cleaned my Rave valves while I was at it. While cleaning the valves I noticed both red caps were set differently. One was...
  11. davistek

    Issues with the 2000 GTX RFi - ready to light it on fire and claim the insurance!

    So, the last problem that I had was taken care of, the ski ran great for about a week. Started sputtering after about 4 tanks of gas - then the spark plugs needed to be changed. Ran good again - for about a tank of gas. Now, it is back from the lake and the issue it has is quite confusing. First...
  12. W

    Swallowed My RAVE Blade

    Fellow Seadooskis, I've been somewhat fortunate that my 97 GTX was running well over the past couple of years with the original engine at 250hrs. Well my luck ran out and a RAVE valve broke halfway up the blade and was swallowed by the engine. I shut her down pretty quickly, but obviously...
  13. 97SeadooGSX

    Dirty Rave Valves? Wrong Oil?

    I just put in new rave valves after rebuilding the engine (piston locked up). The ski runs great, however after only 1 hour of running, the brand new shinny rave valves are really dirty/black! I cant imagine all this buildup, so fast, is good for them. Or is this normal? I am using Pennzoil...
  14. G

    RAVE vavle broken

    i have a 1997 gtx and the rave valve was shooting oil all over the place so i took it apart and every inch of it was covered in oil so i get down to the last of it and the thing attach to screw or what ever its called was broken of in side the engine. I'm just wondering if this is anything...
  15. thejacksonkid910

    96 XP broken rave valve paddle

    so we broke into the ski yesterday and on the aft rave valve found the the paddle was broken. the circular bushing was broken off on each side and tore much of the inside of the rave valve. what in the hell could have caused this?:banghead: also with this being broken, what other damage could...