1. N

    2022 GTI SE 170 Engine Noise

    Hello, new here and have a question about my ski listed in title. I am currently 5.5 hours into my break in period and a new engine noise has emerged. After a full throttle stretch - maybe 4 seconds - releasing the throttle creates a louder, more “rattle” like engine sound that occurs shortly...
  2. skidmarks

    [noob] general purchasing question

    I'm looking at a 2007 SeaDoo RXP 155, a 2011 SeaDoo GTS 130, and a 2010 SeaDoo GTI 130, all for similar prices around $5000. I need a ski that can pull a tube, and an adult skiier. Do any of these three match my criteria? I'm really new to PWC's but I'm excited to learn more and purchase one...
  3. F

    Just purchased 1991 Seadoo XP, Flywheel question

    Hey everyone, I just recently purchased my first ever PWC and of course I decided it needed to be a Seadoo since I’ve heard so many good things about them. It’s a 1991 Seadoo Bombardier SP. I bought it super cheap because it would crank but not turn over. I found out it didn’t have spark...
  4. Bigmantony

    1995 seadoo speedster reverse fuction quaity

    I have a 1995 speedster and the reverse kind of works. I like to hear from people who have this boat or has own this boat. on how well the reverse worked on there boat. It seem that the one jet pump sportster work better. This one works somewhat but not good Please note all checks with reverse...
  5. Jetboater02

    Keep, Trade, or Sale (just venting)

    Hey All, I'm kind of having a dilemma here, I love my Islandia but I feel like Sea-Doo as a brand just abandoned all of us boaters. I can't take my boat to a sea-doo dealership anymore because they no longer work on mercury engines, being in the military limits my free time, I kinda want a...
  6. J

    2000 GTi - Doesn't Run Right After 20 Minutes

    Does anyone have any ideas about what to check on this: 2000 GTi, starts and runs perfectly for the first 20-30 minutes, but then - after getting good and hot and running a while - it wants to idle rough and die and then is also very difficult to start. *Changed plugs, didn't help. Cleaned...
  7. SurfBeat

    Rust In Mikuni Carb

    During my investigation to ascertain the reason my 92 Doo hesitated upon acceleration, based upon the advice I received in this forum, I reluctantly began the process of inspecting the carbs, beginning with their removal. The process began quite easily, removing the flame arrestor, however...