1. A

    2006 Sportster 4-TEC, single long beep when running - overheating?

    2006 Seadoo Sporster 4-TEC boat, was running fine and then today I was cruising slowly, started to accelerate, and got a single long beep. None of the idiot lights lit up. Throttled down, tried it again, same issue. Nursed it back home at slowest speed. All my googling seems to point to either...
  2. FickFab

    2009 RXT 255 with P0118 code always active

    Resolved - Loose pin either A11 or A27 at the ECU plug. Tightened up both pins and the code has cleared! Hello We have decided to join the community in hopes of some assistance with a diagnosis for a machine we are working on. A customer purchased a mini jet boat that was made by another...
  3. P

    Sea Doo GTI SE possible phantom limp mode?

    Hi, I could really use some veteran/expert advice on this issues I've been having with my 2006 Seadoo GTI SE. I just bought this PWC about 3 weeks ago but it's had this problem since the first ride I took with it. It has 90 hours on it and the previous owner hadn't used it in 2 years prior to...
  4. HokieBonzo

    High Exhaust Temp debug 2019 Wake 155

    I have a 2019 Wake 155. It has 21 hours on it and I changed the oil before taking it out for the first time this season. Where I launch, I ride about 20 min thru a no wake zone using the "low speed" setting. There were no issues during that run. When I sped up and got to about 20 mph, I got...
  5. R

    2003 GTI LE RFI Overheats After Several Minutes

    My jetski was trailered on my driveway for the past two seasons. When I summerized it, it started right up with the hose connected and ran fine for a few minutes. When I took it to the lake, it powered off the trailer (normal thrust) but overheated after a few minutes. I flushed it again, and...
  6. M

    2003 Challenger X-20 Optimax 250 DFI on M2 pump Overheating

    I have a 2003 Challenger X-20 with the Optimax 250 DFI 2-stroke on a M2 jetpump. As soon as I drop it in the water and turn it on it gives me 4 short beeps. I can run it for a bit at about 1/2 power and then it gives me the continuous beep and turns me down to circulation mode only. Things I...
  7. ww111

    2009 Sea-Doo Islandia coolant flow

    Hi guys, Port engine is fine, hook hose up to external inlet and water flows like it should from Exhaust. Starboard engine not so much. Tried to back flow and again, nothing. Put 100 PSI of air in and again nothing. Didn't run it long enough for the light, but is there a common blockage...
  8. E


    My 96 bombardier GTS is overheating. It was spraying water when I first put it in the water but then stopped. I just rebuilt the carburetor and was hoping it was fixed!! HELP!!
  9. T

    1998 sea doo gtx limited overheat problems

    I have a question on a overheat problem on a 1998 gtx limited. It runs great on the hose, I pulled the hose that comes out of the head and there was sand No water coming when on hose, is it possible the head is filled with sand ? the head feels warm when running on hose. but if running...
  10. M

    2003 rxdi pipe overheating

    Ok guys, I have an interesting problem. I think I know whats wrong, but sure would like a second opinion. The RX was running just fine, I just happened to catch a slight burning smell when it came in for a rider change. I popped the seat and the lower pipe was smoking, started to melt the rubber...
  11. B

    new owner of 2005 sportster with some issues

    Hello to all I just picked up a 2005 sportster for a real nice price but she needs some TLC, the previous owner was running tc-w3 oil so that changed, the reverse cable was almost frozen, thats new now, and it hadn't been cleaned, waxed or anything in years, spent 3 weeks scrubbing waxing etc...
  12. J

    seadok keels over heating? ???

    I have a 255 supercharged seadoo and it runs fine until I start to give it throttle then it shuts down and goes in to limbo mode so that it dpest damage the engine. When I flush it runs perfect no problems but the second I put it back in the water it heats up super hot. Anyone know why?
  13. K

    Do I really need a dealer to clear fault codes?

    Hello, Please help! We have a 2007 SeaDoo GTI SE. Runs great and never had any problems. Just recently we got the alarm and engine fault code P0116 - Engine Temp Sensor Faulty. It does not overheat and does not lose power at all....still runs good. Checked the ohms and it is not where...
  14. M

    2001 RX DI multiple small issues.

    New owner mistakes. 1) Took new to me ski to lake and noticed that the ski was overheating. looked on line and saw that multiple issues could cause this. Cleared grating and intake. Nothing noticed. Flushed system with hose. Nothing noticed. Used air compressor and blew system out...
  15. B

    Overheat light stuck on

    Hi. I have a 2007 Sea Doo Speedster 150 155HP 4Tec that I took out yesterday for the first time this season. For some reason the boat really struggled to get the RPMs up. Even when I went WOT it sounded as if the engine was really struggling. My guess is that the spark plugs probably need...
  16. D

    2005 3D Losses Power After 10 Minutes

    Here is the story...I have a 2005 3D 787 RFI that sat for a year without any use. I took it out of storage this season, and for out that for some reason the Fuel Pump had gone bad. Replaced the Fuel Pump and the ski ran great on the trailer and hose with a fresh tank of gas and oil. I took it...
  17. J

    GTX DI Really overheated

    I let my sister take the GTX out and they road it till it overheated. They kept getting the beep and overheat in the LED but would let it cool down and keep riding. It finally went into limp mode and they stopped riding. The boat was full of water. As it turns out the hoses connected to the...