oil lines

  1. t2ylorgang

    GSX limited oil and fuel lines

    Hello everyone, I recently got a 99 GSX Limited 951. I need to replace all my oil lines (green sludge). What sizes do I need to do all of them? I was planning on just tracing them for the length but as far as diameter does anyone know what sizes I am going to need? To my understanding I would...
  2. mallo1216

    1995 seadoo xp grey fuel lines???

    Ive been doing alot of research considering this is my first owned and maintained seadoo. I came across something about grey fuel lines and they should be replaced if you're a responsible seadoo owner? Is this a real thing??? oil lines too? whats it all about? and while on the topic of oil, this...
  3. Barnsnelbon

    95 xp broken oil line need help

    So I got around to replacing the gray fuel lines on my xp and noticed that there was a little semi clear tube by the carbs on each side going from the oil injection pump I tho the engine. Looking closer I saw that one of these lines a cracked right up against where it goes into the engine how do...
  4. lswaffield

    oil injection lines on 787 to manifold/rotary valve

    I am going to change the two lines coming from the oil pump given the hose fitting popped out of the oil pump. It appears that I have two inline check valves on both lines from the oil pump to the rotary valve on both intakes. I don't see these on any schematics of the systems. If I replace...
  5. s14unimog

    Forward cylinder oil line continually gets air bubbles - 97 XP - 787 - Any ideas?

    So I've often wondered what originally killed the forward piston on the previous engine (with the previous owner). As I've observed this recent rebuild, I've noticed that my forward cylinder oil line keeps going empty or keeps getting air in it form some where; this might have been the culprit...
  6. W

    2002 gtx rfi hoses and sensors question

    have a quick question. i took my uncles ski to fix for him after a mechanic screwed him by not installing a new motor correctly. the mechanic removed the oil injection system and i am putting it back in. after looking through the service manual it shows 2 larger oil lines running to both sides...
  7. T

    Help with my Seadoo 3d

    Ok, Maybe someone out there in computer land can help, I have a 2005 Seadoo 3d with the Rotax 782, last year while thoroughly enjoying my ride, unknown to me the battery strap had worked loose and my battery spilled over onto my block knocking my oil resevoir line off as well as breaking 2 brass...