1. I

    Newbie with a 2001 Speedster

    I just picked up a 2001 Seadoo Speedster with the 240 Mercruiser engine. This is my first jet boat so I know nothing about it. I do know it is a 2-stroke and has an oil tank that takes 2 stroke oil and I was told to buy Quicksilver brand. I’m not sure what type to buy which leads me to ask where...
  2. SeptemberC

    2003 Mercury Sportjet 240hp Quicksilver DDT & Cartridge info HELP!

    Can anyone send me a picture of a quicksilver / mercury outboard DDT Cartridge that you KNOW FOR A FACT that it will work on a 2003 engine.
  3. M

    2000 Islandia fires up but dies after about 10 seconds need help!

    Hi All, long time reader first time poster… I have a 2000 Islandia with its original 1999 Mercury M2 jet, 240 EFI. Here’s the situation… I bought it this past winter. It fired up and ran when shown. When I went to clean it up and fire it up for the first time this spring, it will crank, turn...
  4. 02PSU

    Draining 2 stroke oil - mercury instead of quicksilver

    Hi All, What’s the best way to drain my two stroke oil on my 2001 speedster 240 efi? I put some of the mercury premium plus synthetic blend two stroke oil in (in the black bottle, picture attached), and noticed that it’s been smoking more than the quicksilver normally does - is that possible...
  5. Kwik_uk

    Mercury Kiekhaefer key float

    Hi folks, I've got, or should say had, one of these key floats. I've had it for years, it used to belong to my dad, and he had it for years before me. He got it at the same time as a '69 1100 Tower of Power I've been restoring. Unfortunately I've lost the set of keys which had this float...
  6. J

    Mercury 240 M2 EFI starts and stalls immediately after 2 secs

    Hi everyone , I am new to this forum and i hope everyone will be patient with me. It's about a Bombardier Islandia with Mercury 240 M2 EFI engine which has been rebuilt because of a piston failure. Since we have put it back on the boat it does not run more than 2 seconds after it's started...
  7. skyhighdiver

    Solas MC-CD-22/39 Concord Impeller Pitch 22/39 Mercury

    Solas MC-CD-22/39 Concord Impeller Pitch 22/39 Mercury Sport Jet V6 200-250 HP Uned 2 weeks end of season then took off when I sold the boat in spring. Came off my utopia 205 $200 or best offer it was 365.00 new Can email me and I will contact you as I dont always check the forum...
  8. N

    Bleed Line Replacement Question

    Two bleed lines on my Mercury M2 240 EFI became disconnected; one disconnected fitting is located directly underneath the flywheel, right behind the trigger harness (viewed from stbd side); the other fitting is behind the VST on the port side. Tried to replace both lines with Sierra bleeder hose...
  9. T

    New owner questions

    I just bought a 2000 challenger 1800 and I was wondering I could get some things clarified. I don't want to put my trust in the previous owner so i was planning to do the following: Remove the impeller and lube the shaft. Replace the impeller and stator lubricant. New Plugs. Rig engine...
  10. R

    Time to sell 2002 utopia 205

    I have my 02 utoipa 205 listed in classified is anyone is looking for one. It's in great shape inside and out with very little wear at all. It has the mercury v6 and I'm not sure on the hours. I'm the second owner and have owned it 2 years without any problems with it at all. The only reason for...
  11. T

    repair Mercury wear ring

    Hello everyone I thought I would share my experience repairing my Merc wear ring. While mine was not badly damaged, it did have some wear. The clearance between impeller and ring was about 1/16 inch. I wanted it a little smoother and less clearance. At first, I tried a product called...
  12. kurly

    2001 Challenger 2000 Engine Bogged Down While Underway

    240 EFI engine, manufactured Feb 2001. Reliable engine for the past two years I've owned the boat. Always started and ran with no problems. Took the boat out for the third or fourth time this season. About a mile out from the launch, I reduced throttle as I approached some wake and the...
  13. koby6587

    Need help on 240 efi part have pics almost done with rebuild

    I am having trouble with finding where and what this bracket bolts to I'm pretty sure the throttle cable conn ects with this. If anyone has any idea or especially pictured it would more than make my day thank you
  14. A

    Mercury M2 210 wont start, rebuilt last season, fuel system seems fine, help please!!

    Hi everyone I have a 2001 Seadoo Challenger 1800 M2 210 tri-carb that was rebuilt last season as it threw a piston pin. Boat ran great at the beginning of this season, worked last week in water, although after resting in the water for a while it wouldnt start, and for almost an hour and after...
  15. C

    Mercury 240 EFI stalls at full throttle

    I have a 2001 Challenger 2000 with the 240 efi M2 jet drive. I bought it used a couple years ago and has ran great and been a good boat to me. Last year towards the end of the season I was heading down river and everything was going fine. I was at about 3/4 throttle maybe a bit more and the...
  16. J

    I need a 240 efi motor

    Blew my motor in my 2000 speedster. It is a Merc 240 efi m2. Rod came through the block. Anybody have a used one or reasonably priced new?
  17. M

    2001 2000 challenger v6 boat advice

    I had planned on buying an 1800 twin challenger but found a mint condition 2001:cool: challenger with a v6 200hp (i believe). Absolutely gorgeous boat. I paid less than 1800 so I could not say no. The motor has some type of problem. I cannot look at it for now due to a broken ankle but the owner...
  18. jocii

    2001 Challenger 1800 motor bogs down.

    I just picked up a 2001 Challenger 1800 with 210 HP Mercury M2 V6 two stroke motor. About 70 hrs of use. Boat has been serviced every year by Sea Doo dealer and stored inside during winter. Has been babied and never has had any major work. First trip out was awesome. Lots of power, starts...
  19. C

    Looking for a Engine for a 2003 Seadoo Islandia

    Looking for an engine, Mercury Optimax 250 for my 2003 Seadoo Islandia. I would like to replace it with a Rotax engine, but don't know if it's worth it? I would seriously need some guidance on this one by a professional. Anyone with some ideas? Thanks, Rob
  20. A

    2000 challenger merc 210 carb oil premix anyone?

    Hi everyone, I have tries to find info on going premix on my 2000 challenger 2000 I just bought. Low hours on rebuilt merc m2 jetdrive 210hp carved. Oil injection works at this time. What is best method to convert to premix on this engine? Does the oil pump deliver oil to the engine...