Need help on 240 efi part have pics almost done with rebuild

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I am having trouble with finding where and what this bracket bolts to I'm pretty sure the throttle cable conn
ects with this. If anyone has any idea or especially pictured it would more than make my day thank you


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Looking at the parts index for your boat, I can't seem to put a finger on that bracket. You might have better luck, since you can actually walk around, look and move parts aside to see if you can find where it goes. Look at each of the exploded views and see if it fits in one of the pages. I looked over the obvious, like mounts for the linkage and etc... but didn't see it. Check the link out, see if it helps you any.
That piece bolts to the bottom 2 bolts on the Reed Block Assembly. I am also rebuilding my 240 and just installed the piece yesterday. I will try and take a picture for you.
Hey thanks I actually just got everything put together and torqued up... next thing is to bleed the oil down the the pump and I'm also waiting on the base gasket between motor and jet... thanks alot
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