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    2004 Seadoo Speedster RPM surging

    Hi All, My family purchased a 2004 Seadoo Speedster with Mercury M2 240 engine (2nd gen) last year. We used it all last year without any major issues. First trip out this year everything started fine, but about 20 minutes into our trip (while cruising at about 4K) the rpms started to dip and...
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    Seadoo Sportster/Challenger Smoking at start. Mercury Jetdrive 210

    I've spent over a year trying new oils, from full synthetic to Mercury brands, changed spark-plugs, head heat sensors, oil pump, etc etc etc and finally came to a really simple solution. The stop button/ kill switch (CPI 5000) on the boat was broken and grounded so the engine wouldn't start if...
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    Removing 240efi Merc M2 Jet Drive from Boat

    Hi All I want to remove the jet drive from the boat. I have removed the power head (in process of overhauling it) and also removed the qty 4 nuts holding the drive hsg cover. The problem is that I can not remove the housing. I have tried various things over a period of 2 weeks but without...
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    Islandia ski pole

    Hi. I just purchased a 2005 islandia with the merc 250 opti. I had the kids out skiing but the tow ring is too low and we were having trouble with the rope dragging in the wake. Has anyone been able to install a ski pylon or pole on these? If so, let me know!! Also, FYI, I just installed cobra...
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    Impeller/Housing Repair 2000 Speedster

    I have realized that the person I bought the boat from really didn't care to much about the boat. I have been looking and it needs a intake grate, impeller, wear ring, stator and possibly a ride plate and a tilt plate. This is for a 2000 speedster with the 240 Merc. Doing my research there...
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    240 Merc M2 Top Speeds

    So just curious- what kind of speeds are you getting out of this engine/pump? I have a just purchased 2000 Speedster and I seem to be about 50mph by iPhone GPS. No speedo yet, but I'm betting it will read higher. I thought these boats could hit 60?? Maybe time for a pump refresh?
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    2001 Speedster 240 Merc EFI Opinions

    Hi- We are looking to sell our 96 Challenger and upgrade to a '01 16' Speedster with the Mercruiser M2 in it. Can you guys please give me some honest opinions of the boat? Also what are the known trouble spots? I am thinking it would be a plus to have the Merc over the Rotax, but please...