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  1. J

    2007 seadoo Challenger 180 seaweed issues

    Hello guys, just a general question for those that owns Jet Boats and are or had this issue. looking around, reading different forums and watching all the youtube videos related to this matter, I can not find the solution or may be noone has asked the question and came back to the forum and...
  2. alexander15

    FOR SALE 1996 sea-doo speedster jet boat

    $5500. 1996 seadoo speedster jet boat well maintained. first off it has 257hrs on the ecu engines run time log checked by watercraft direct in costa mesa. this model came with dual 717 rotaxengines. with that your getting 718 cc's getting you 170hp. the upholestry is perfect and new. two new...
  3. tgustavson23

    New member '07 Seadoo Challenger

    Hi everybody my name is Todd and I came across this forum while looking for some help with my Challenger 180. I just bought it a year ago and as I winterized it this year it sat at 130 hours on the boat. I was advised by the local marina to have the supercharger rebuilt and was wondering if...
  4. teammullet

    2003 seadoo challenger 2000 for sale 240 efi m2.$8000

    2 owner boat in very good cond very low hours,many new parts,last time out,would die intermittently,replaced HP fuel pump,has not been back out,don't know if prob is fixed or not,idles fine on hose.interier looks great,Bimini top,cover,surge brakes on trailer,very southern Indiana,30...
  5. V

    What carburator do i order!?!?!?

    I have a 1998 Seadoo Speedster with twin rotax motors. I have no clue what motor size they are, or what carbs to get. There are dual carbs on both motors. I need to replace the passanger side carbs. Are these 787, 717, 720...? Help me please lol. I need to know the correct carb size for mag and...
  6. V

    1998 Seadoo Speedster

    98 speedster with twin rotax. Starboard side motor runs fine. Port side will crank amd try to start, but as soon as it does, it cuts off. Pulled the carbs and cleaned them. It has sat for a while. Didn't have the best fuel in it on the last run either... Don't want to buy new carbs if i dont...
  7. soggybows

    1996 Bombardier Jet Boat MISERY!!! HELP

    I am a first time boat owner. I researched the 96' jet boat and thought this would be the ideal starter boat because it's so light weight (I am female, I have a little daughter and I am not tech savvy). I have had nothing but heartache so far. I understand there are learning curves, but this is...
  8. B

    ENGINE QUESTION.. 2006 SCIC 4tec

    Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated .. Took boat out bout 20 times with no issues.. Last time out, on my way back in engine started smoking(white smoke).. Pulled cord.. Ever since it won't start up again.. It cranks and will start up for literally a second or 2 but that's it...
  9. Brettareid89

    Help!!! 1996 seadoo speedster issues

    1996 seadoo speedster Hello all, I am new to posting threads. Bare with me on this topic. I have a 1996 speedster with twin 720 rotax engines, I just took it out of storage after two years. Here's what it is doing.. I put the DESS key on the post I get no beeps and the gauges light up for...
  10. seadoosportster2002

    2002 Sea Doo Sportster Clanking Sound?

    Recently purchased a 2002 Sea Doo Sportster LE jet boat with the 947 Rotax motor and my third time on the lake (after about an hour and a half of riding around) I started to hear a "clanking sound". Videos: Start up sound without water:
  11. M

    Jet Boat/PWC Advice

    Hey guys, another newbie. Reciently got a new job and looking to invest in a waverunner or jet boat with my old man. First real job means that my budget is fairly limited. Looking for a good deal on something that will run fine and last a couple years before I can upgrade...
  12. btgignac

    Just bough a 1994 Seadoo Speedster!!!!!!

    Hello everyone, I just picked up this little gem on Monday and am looking for some hints, tips, and pointers. It is a 94 Speedster, twin 657x. I am the 3rd owner. The 2 owners before me always stored thsi beauty in the garage. The guy states he always had it professionally winterized. Brand new...
  13. K

    Summer is here! Selling my mint condition, hardly used, 2006 Seadoo Utopia 205 SE

    :thumbsup:Just in case you wanted to browse over and take a look, I am selling my 2006 Sea Doo Utopia 205 SE boat - it has around 100 hours of use, and is in prestine condition. Here is the posting if anyone is interested...
  14. S

    Hey all!!

    I am not really new here, but I am finally posting for the first time!! Wanted to thank everyone for the help I have received here over the years. Never had to post a question, just search search and search!!! Thanks again for all the information and help. BTW here is a video I made...
  15. A

    2000 challenger 2000 FS- TX

    I have a very nice 20' challenger here. Engine was rebuilt by prior owner less than 100 hours ago. All new interior in 2010 - including new oem rear seat assembly. bought some nice new 2005 seat bottoms for the captains chairs - real nice all around - has original bimini. New Poppy custom...
  16. W

    Seadoo Sportster 150 155hp Jet Boat Mint - $6,800 in Wisconsin

    2005 Seadoo Sportster 150 155hp Jet Boat Mint - $6,800 in Wisconsin - SOLD 15’ 2005 Seadoo Sportster 150 w 4-TEC 155 hp Jet Boat, a steal for $6,800 firm just in time for Labor Day Weekend. This is an immaculate 2005 Seadoo Sportster that has less than 85 hours on it. I am the second owner...
  17. A

    95 seadoo sportster upgrades?

    hi there, i have a 1995 seadoo sportster. last summer the oil pump went and the engine seized up. Right now its in the shop to see about getting a bigger engine put into it. also it is getting a better impeller put on it. what else can i do? i am using the boat for towing and racing along lake...
  18. P

    97 seadoo challenger jet boat

    1997 seadoo challenger jet boat 14 foot, seats four, and has a new motor $3200
  19. B

    HELP One motor no spark when hot

    1997 Speedster with twin 717's (720) The Left side motor runs poorly or shuts off and will not restart once it has run a while changed spark plugs cut quarter inch off wires ordered new coil but it is not here yet. Did I do the right thing or did I waste 175 bucks???? any help would be greatly...
  20. B

    looking for speedster or challenger '95-00 St Louis

    looking for speedster or challenger '95-00 St. Louis area