intake grate

  1. A

    Where to find intake grate for 2006 Sportster

    Just discovered that my intake grate disappeared sometime last season... They're no longer being produced by Seadoo. Solas said their SS0205 might fit, but they couldn't confirm.
  2. C

    Intake Grate Ripped off. How to repair?

    Hello all, I got under my Ski this week and realized that the intake grate has gone missing. I’ve done some research and plan to replace it with an aftermarket one. I’d love to hear peoples opinions on which after market one they like/prefer. Additionally I have some questions about mounting...
  3. J

    2006 Challenger intake grill needed

    Hi Guys - I have exhausted every means I am aware of in finding a replacement intake grill for my boat. BRP says its not available. I have no issue with deleting the weedless system and installing a fixed grate. Problem is im not sure what, if anything will fit.
  4. N

    98 GSX limited intake grate broke need help finding parts

    so the intake grate broke I need to know what grate is a decent one for cheap also what is the black part called I need to replace that broke off the back where it bolts to shown in picture.
  5. She-Doo0215

    Utopia Forum? New to site

    Hi all- I’m a female boat owner in Tega Cay, SC and have had “She-Doo”, my 2002 Utopia 185 Sport for a year now. It runs pretty soundly but I have a question about the intake grate. Lake Wylie can have a lot of debris in it at times and twice now something has gotten caught in the intake...
  6. ID62

    Rebuild of the intake clearing system at a 205 Utopia (year 2006)

    This is a modification of the intake grates at a 2006 Utopia 205. The original system never worked 100% properly so I made a new drive with an electrical cylinder. The whole wiring is original, only the V.T.S assembly and the weed-less grate module have been removed. Function is now controlled...
  7. J

    1996 Seadoo GTS performance parts

    OK I what some ideas about up grades for my PWC, I have a 1996 Seadoo GTS and nothing has been done to it with exception of the CDI box. I want to get a little more out of it and I was thinking of a new intake grate but need up with the best one for this PWC? Any help is appreciated!
  8. D

    97 GTX Intake Grate - missing

    I just discovered that my intake grate in missing. What would this do to the way it runs and the speed of it?
  9. T

    2005 Sea-Doo Speedster 200 SC intake grate replacement?

    I've searched everywhere and cannot find any helpful information on this subject. One of my intake grate brackets broke so in order to hold the intake grate I have to replace the metal bracket. Is there a way to access the nuts from inside the engine compartment without removing the engine? I've...
  10. J

    PLEASE help!! 2001 Challenger 1800 240hp INTAKE GRATE

    I have about pulled my hair out trying to find the RIGHT intake grate for this boat. One of the tines broke off the one on there and fortunately did not make its way through the impeller. Every part warehouse ask me "what model is it"....Uh, seadoo challenger 1800. but they need other numbers or...
  11. dothadoo

    Speedster 150 grate removal tool

    I have to replace my intake grate and need to know if there is anyone that has successfully removed it without lifting the engine to get to that front bolt. Is there a special tool that can reach? More importantly, how can you loosen the lock tite on that bolt? I have found a metal shop that...
  12. dothadoo

    150 Speedster 215 grate replacement

    My 07 Speedster 150 needs to have the grate replaced. From what I have read, the front bolt it really the hardest one to get to. Is there a way to get to that bolt without having to lift the engine? I have a new OEM grate ready to install. I think I remember reading to use the blue loctite, not...
  13. dothadoo

    Speedster 150 Intake grate replacement?

    Upon inspection of the underside of my newly purchased 2007 Speedster 150 SC, I noticed the intake grate was broken. I inspected the impeller and surrounding areas, and I cannot see any damage, except for a red mark on the back of the impeller. I suspect it was a ski rope getting sucked up...
  14. K

    1997 Seadoo XP Intake Grate

    I have a 97 XP and the stock intake grate was ripped out some how. I've been reading threads and I see a lot of other people have this problem and also have the problem of the two rear screw holes not being threaded. The Seadoo site suggests using loctite red on those two screws so here is what...
  15. C

    210 Challenger Intake Grate

    Having trouble with my 2010 Sea-doo 210 Challenger sucking in debris (random small sticks mostly) through the intake grate despite boating on a clean and deep lake. Any suggestions for replacing the standard intake grate with something a little more protective like in the older jet boats or...
  16. S

    Intake Grate Bolt Sealant

    On my 09 150 Speedster I just removed the intake grate. The big bolt was pretty hard to get off with whatever sealant was installed. What is the proper sealant to use when reinstalling the bolt? Thanks
  17. J

    Victim of a bad Intake grate

    First off i am like stated in other posts I am some what new. I just bought this boat two weeks ago so I don't have much experience. I have looked below when i bought it and it looks pretty torn up. I know i need a new intake grate but what i am wondering is if i should get a new impeller and...
  18. R

    intake grate help

    Can someone please help me in removing an intake grate? I have 2008 RXP and I found thin branch stuck in the impeller so to get to it I either have to remove the intake grate or take the propulsion apart to get to it. I've read that the 4 bolts holding the grate tend to break off? Or is there...