gti 130 se

  1. T

    O-Ring Fell Into Filter Housing

    I was changing the oil on my 2017 Sea Doo GTI 130 and accidentally dropped the lowest o-ring into the oil filter housing. I think it fell into the void in the housing where I can't see it or retrieve it. My question, how can I access the area below the oil filter housing to retrieve the...
  2. SamTheSeaDooMan

    Cheap Tunes?

    After doing a lot of research I am getting black and white results... I have a 2020 GTI 130 and was looking to tune it up to 170 to get a better 0-50 time and also to get top speed up just a notch. I have seen one thread where someone says I can spend $300, hook up a piece of hardware and simply...
  3. Z

    2019 GTI SE 130 not getting up to speed

    Hey guys, I bought a 2019 gti se 130 new and have around 45 hours on it. it is not getting up to 50 mph, and is maxing out at 43 mph any suggestions? thanks !
  4. B

    Fault Codes p1661 and c2102 IBR

    2013 GTI SE... Just got a brand new EZ port 2i jet ski port. Drove the ski up on the port for the first time today and when I backed off and started engine I got an IBR error message. When I checked the fault codes I found p1661 and c2102. Would turn the ski on and off a couple of times and...
  5. V

    Why is my GTX slower than my GTI?

    Hi everybody, and thanks for this forum. New to jet skis, but kind of familiar with engines, big and small. So we just got a 2008 SeaDoo GTI 130 SE, about 200 hrs. After a plug change and fresh gas it seems to be running great. Tops out at about 52 mph. Decided that our family of four needed...
  6. T

    Battery in GTI Limited 155

    Hi all, I just purchased a 2017 SeaDoo Limited GTI. I also own a 2015 GTX 155 and 2018 GTI SE 130. My GTX and GTI Limited calls for a 12V/ 30AH battery. My GTI SE calls for a 12V/ 18AH. The larger 30 AH battery fits in my GTX fine and the 18AH battery fits fine in the GTI SE and is the...
  7. W

    GTI-130- Does my jet pump need rebuild?

    Hey guys! I took my 2008 Seadoo GTI 130 in for a carbon ring replacement because it was taking on water. I just got a text saying it needs the wear ring and pump rebuilt with the attached picture. Total cost $1600. Was only supposed to be $290 as I provided the carbon ring. What should I do...
  8. B

    2014 SEA DOO GTI 130 SE multiple issues, IBR light, Flush question, accelerates

    HI, i am new to all of this and i apologize if i am not posting in the correct place. i am looking for advice on a few different topics. my sea-doo @ 70hrs has started to accelerate "by itself" when at idle randomly. we take it in the salt water to tow surf, which is the only reason we...
  9. J

    2011 gti se 130 ** fuel injector failure**

    I was out on my ski, when it started boggin down. It was acting really strange. Dealer tells me the fuel injectors arent injecting correctly. Middle cylinder was firing at all, and the others had sporatic ocisiliscope readings. My ski only has 60 hours on it, all dealer service records. And...
  10. S

    2012 Sea Doo GTI 130 SE Questions

    I am new to owning a jet ski and I am about to purchase a Brand New 2012 Sea-Doo GTI SE. I am curious about the 10 hour break in period. I know you are not supposed to go above 3/4 throttle. But is there a certain RPM that shouldn't be crossed. I heard of BRP canceling your Warranty if they see...