1. MrDuVwah

    1997 Seadoo Bombardier GSI ECM/MPEM failure - need part!!

    Howdy folks, I have a 1997 Sea-Doo Bombardier GSI that has recently been giving me some pain. After a lot of trial and error, the issue has been narrowed down to a dead ECM/MPEM Problem is, I can’t find a replacement one anywhere! Apparently this specific model is extremely hard to find and I’m...
  2. E

    1997 GSI MPEM Problems

    I have a 1997 GSI and I suspect the MPEM is bad. I can't get the engine to turn over using the start switch. I checked the switch and have 0 ohms when pressed. I checked the DESS post and it I get 0 ohms between the black wire and the black/yellow wire with the tether installed and infinite...
  3. nitr0genics

    Sea-Doo GS GSI GSX (RF DI & LTD) RX (DI) '96-'03 OEM Boarding Step 295500693 $150

    Found this the other day and purchased one as for the price it's a steal (I'm from the UK & Only one place in the country sells this for just shy of £300/$425) So was a no-brainer for me to import it - I've never seen a GS or RX doo with a step on in this country (that means nothing though lol)...
  4. K

    1997 Seadoo GSI No Spark

    I am looking for any help. I have a 1997 gsi that is not getting spark. I test the coil in another machine and it had spark in that machine. I puchased a new mpem and still no spark. I get the 2 beeps and the engine tunes over just no spark. I have checked all fuses and cleaned all the...
  5. H

    1997 Seadoo

    Recently bought a 97' GSI and on the way back to the boat ramp, it stalled for the first time when I was full throttle. I restarted and went half throttle the rest of the way back. I noticed their was two stroke oil that leaked in the Hull, and that the reservoir cap/hose in the hull was...
  6. roberthaysus

    New to SeaDoo's! My Projects.

    Here are a few pics I snapped quickly of my first SeaDoo's. Thanks to SeaDooForum it has been a lot of fun working on my new to me ski's. I will take a some better pics to post as I make needed repairs and get them all cleaned up hopefully some better before and after pics. I have 2 1997 GSI's...
  7. T

    1997 Sea Doo GSI

    Hey guys quick question for the sea doo community :) We recently went to look at another jet ski a 1997 GSI. It's really clean everything on it works and is functional on it, but the compression in each cylinder reads 120 for both. Which seems low. What do you guys think? Let me know! Thanks
  8. B

    97 GSI Power Issues

    My 97 gsi bogs off while accelerating and maxes out around 4K RPM EXCEPT when I hit a wave with a good jolt and the RPMs then go up to around 5.5+K (which it then appears to be delivering full power). This additional power will last for a second or so (unless I hit another wave). It seems that...
  9. J

    1997 GSI - Keeps losing electrical power??

    Hey there... I've tried searching this on past threads with no luck. I have a 97 GSI that randomly keeps losing electrical power. It's only been in freshwater, has approximately 170hrs on it. I've narrowed down to something in the rear electrical box, located near the battery. I would assume...
  10. U

    MPEM Problem - 1997 GSi

    Hello, I recently bought a 1997 GSi Seadoo and have had it running nicely (The engine is in mint condition). But the problem I have is that when I connect the lanyard to the DESS post it doesn't always beep (or even allow me to start the engine or use the VTS). Through tempering with the...
  11. S

    Fuel gauge problem. Help!!

    Ok so I just bought a 98 GSX limited and the fuel gauge doesn't work. The shop that summerized it for me said the electrical module box that's up in front of the ski is bad and it's not sending a signal to the digital gauge up top. Is this true or is it the digital gauge I need to replace...