1. YellowSeadoo2003

    Bilge Pump, Nav Light and Bilge Fan, all not working!!!

    Hi Guys, I have a 2003 Seadoo Sportster LE. The Bilge Pump, Nav Light and Bilge Fan all used to work perfectly then they all stopped working at the same time! 1. I have checked the Pump, light and Fan with a direct 12v power supply and all work 2. I have checked all 6 fuses (please see...
  2. L

    96 xp , no fuel in filter

    new to me , tank ,, pressure , relay fuse pump , gas reserve valve .. any help please .. Luke , Daytona
  3. rsviper94

    2013 RXP X electrical problem

    I am having some issues with my 2013 RXP X 260 and need some help. I had pulled the battery out of the ski for the winter and then found out that the battery was no good so I purchased a new one, After installing the new battery I am having some issues. 1) When I connected the battery I keep...
  4. jhughes

    No Accessory Power - 2001 Seadoo Challenger 180

    Hi - I have a 2001 Seadoo Challenger 180, I have no power to the accessories, bilge, blower, horn, radio or amp and have seen several forum posts that have said there is an 'arm' by the battery main switch, on new models, but haven't seen if there is one on the 01'.
  5. wlester

    12V outlet replacement - worked then stopped. HELP!

    The 12V outlet on my 2004 4-Tec never worked and was just rolling around in the electrical wire area. I asked the Seadoo dealer how much it would cost to replace it. He tells me $125. I figured I would live without it. $125 my ***. $4.95 on Amazon...
  6. elementsk8r3

    97 XP Fuse Location Help

    Hi everyone, I have a 97 XP and am looking for the 15 amp fuses that protect the charging system to check for a blown one. I have read that there are 2 of them but I have only been able to locate the one in the MPEM. If anyone could help me find the second one, it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. J

    VTS box

    Hey guys, new to the forum, i have a 96 XP :thumbsup: I've been having problems with my trim. I've tested the switch, works good, both fuses are good at the back (however they're 15A and 20A...) pulled the motor off and it's fully operational in both directions testing off the battery. I believe...
  8. S

    97 xp wont start

    bought it this summer. ran fine for about a month then one day i put it on the hoist, came back about 2 hours later and it wouldnt start. it wouldnt even turn over. i put the key on, i get the two beeps, the gauges turn on but its like the button isnt even hooked up to silonoid. a few hours...
  9. L

    2000 Speedster 240 Merc Gauge Help

    None of our gauges are working on the speedster we just bought. I have checked the fuse in the block but it is ok. Are these know to have issues? It seems very strange to me that they would all be out at the same time. Also, the PO had a mechanic looking at the before with no luck and...