fuel system

  1. E

    2003 Seadoo RXDI fuel system leak

    I have a 2003 RXDI I bought as a project. The engine was ‘rebuilt’ by PO. I took it apart to inspect it after it failed leak testing… It’s now back together… no engine leaks… I put a Quantum Fuel System, HFP 501DI fuel pump in the tank. It fires up…yea… However, it idles rough and then dies…...
  2. burtshaver2021

    Pressure testing fuel system 95 XP

    Good day everyone, I’m looking for some advice on how to pressurize the fuel system on a 95 XP, i took a look at the manual and it says to have the fuel selector in the off position, to block the vent line coming out under the rub rail I believe and pressurize to 5 pounds through the inlet line...
  3. S

    96 GTI 3/4 - Full Throttle dying

    Earlier this year I rebuilt a 1996 gti. I replaced all the grey fuel lines with mpi marine grade fuel injection lines, completely rebuilt both carbs with parts from osdmarine, rebuilt the fuel baffle (float sensor was not floating), replaced fuel selector, replaced fuel pressure check valve, and...
  4. To2d

    Speedster SK “Not Right”

    Seadoo Pros and PWC detectives... I need your help!!! Back story: A few weeks ago we took our 99 speedster SK to the lake and it was running GREAT until it ran low on gas from taking the kids tubing all day. I took my buddy's gas cans to the local lakes gas station and filled them up. boat ran...
  5. D

    94 seadoo xp not getting fuel

    I just bought a 94 xp that has been sitting for a few years and will no longer start. I removed the fuel tank, cleaned it out, and put in new fuel. I replaced all the gray fuel lines and a few cracked oil lines. I rebuilt the carburetors and made sure the spark plugs were firing. The engine is...
  6. X

    please help! 99 XPL - fuel pump not drawing anything

    I'm hoping somebody can steer me in the right direction, it's June and I've yet to be on the water! Summary: Freshly rebuilt carbs this spring stock fuel lines were replaced 5 years ago and new ones show no sign of breaking down Reason the carbs were rebuilt was last year I would top out...
  7. tx95xp

    marvel mystery oil and seadoo

    can i put mystery oil in my gas to try and clean the fuel system and pour some in the carb while it's running to clean other things ? thanks for any advise ! i have a 95xp and a 97sp
  8. johnmholmes2000

    '98 GSXL fuel supply problem

    Need some knowledge. Got this ski running after sitting 2 years. Ran out old gas, added new, total run time about 2 hours with no problem. Next time out engine starved for gas. Runs 2K rpm or less okay, above that the engine bogs down, dies under throttle, drops to idle if no throttle...
  9. N

    Lost a part, Help!!

    First of all, thanks in advance for any help you have to offer. I am posting on behalf of a coworker of mine who is working on an early 2000's Bombardier GTX for his girlfriends parents,:confused: get it?? This thing hasn't been run in a couple years and only has about 15 hours on it. He...