94 seadoo xp not getting fuel

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I just bought a 94 xp that has been sitting for a few years and will no longer start. I removed the fuel tank, cleaned it out, and put in new fuel. I replaced all the gray fuel lines and a few cracked oil lines. I rebuilt the carburetors and made sure the spark plugs were firing. The engine is free and it cranks fine, but will not start. It will run for a second and then stall when using starting fluid. Any ideas as to what the problem could be?
What type of carb kits did you use? How's the fuel filter/separator o ring? Have you done anything with the fuel valve?
Winderosa carb kits and WSM needles and seats. I haven't done much else besides what i mentioned. I'm fairly new to working on jet skis so i need as much guidance as i can get. Is the fuel filter incorporated into the sending unit/baffle?
Aftermarket carb kits are known to give more problems then they fix. It sounds like that your not getting any fuel up to the carbs at all. That could be caused by air leaks in the fuel lines, the fuel filter/separator or the fuel selector, bad diaphragms not actuating the fuel inlet needle, the fuel pump not operating correctly or the pulse line not installed correctly or the fuel lines not installed in the proper routing.
I would advise pulling the air box and spark arrestor and watching the carb bore and see if fuel is flowing into it while cranking, and then work back from there.
The fuel filter/separator is the cup above the oil tank that filters fuel. It has a square cut o ring that needs to seat and seal correctly so that fuel can be drawn from the tank.
You need to start over, those carb parts you bought are junk and will only cause problems.

Also don't use starting fluid on a 2-stroke, just mix up a little premix instead.
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