fuel filter

  1. Gavman04

    Fuel Filter Bypass?

    Hi guys, sorry if this has been answered already but I haven’t been able to find the thread for it. this part pictured isn’t connected. I just (because of these forums!) replaced all fuel lines, rebuilt carbs, replaced oil lines under carbs, and replaced the in-line Fuel filter and fuel...
  2. J

    97 SPX Fuel Filters

    The girl will idle but dies with throttle. Seems to be a fuel problem. Completely emptied tank. Cleaned the fuel strainer located above oil tank. It was not very dirty, no particles or loose debris. Think I should probably clean or replace actual fuel filters which I understand to be in the...
  3. xintersecty

    Fuel Pump Purchase

    So my boat is not working. argh! 2006 Challenger 215HP OK, I pulled my fuel pump and wondering the following questions: 1) I want to replace the filters, should I buy a kit and replace everything both filters and the pump? 2) If so who from? I found the Walbro Intake Fuel Kit on Ebay...
  4. R

    94 SPX with "New" SBT 657 Still Terrible Sluggish - Fuel Delivery Issue?

    Hey everyone: At the advice of some folks around here, I've now run about 12 gallons of 50:1 premix through my "new" SBT engine along with the oil injection pump. Last night, I drained the remainder of the premix from the tank. I then added 5 gallons of new gas from a different station...
  5. dustinsspace12

    Broken Steering and aftermarket fuel filter

    Hello all, Newbie here so please dont be overly technical in your answers :) I was out at the local lake yesterday with the family on my 2001 GTS doing some moderate turns nothing crazy though when suddenly I can only turn right at idle or very low speed. As soon as I get to about 1/3...
  6. Brholwer

    where are the fuel filters on a 1996 seadoo xp

    just wondering where it is so that i can check if there dirty to see if it makes the ski run better.
  7. K

    How do you change the fuel filter on a 2002 XP

    Besides taking apart and installing the filter, are there any other steps I need to take while changing the fuel filter? Thanks
  8. W

    98 Challenger 1800 wont go above 4500rpm

    Last season I blew the drvier side engine so I replaced the pistons, installed a carb rebuild kit, and cleaned and installed a RAVE rebuild kit. All parts were bought from SBT. I took it out last year when it was complete and it ran fine. I didn't winterize the boat this year...I know really...
  9. L

    Fuel pump problem

    I had a problem with my 1996 xp (787). It hesitated when I accelerated, and would cut off if I didn't let off the throttle. Looking back, I think this original problem was the fuel filter in the carb. But, I rebuilt the fuel pump (including the carb filter), replaced the gray fuel lines, put...