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  1. A

    Seadoo GTI SE 155 Key Not Recognized/Fuel Pump Humming Noise

    Hey everyone, new member after lurking on the forum for a year and learning so much already from everyone. Finally having an issue I wasn't able to figure out from existing posts, here goes nothing I have a 2011 GTI SE 155. I bought it at the end of last season, and at the start of this season...
  2. gchadp

    97 GSX dies suddenly

    Have had trouble this season with it literally cutting off when riding. It doesn't bog down, lose power, anything like that. It starts and idles perfectly and even runs great for a few rides but a couple times now when riding (sorry wasn't looking at RPMs) going in the 45-50 MPH range, it cuts...
  3. juanhiggs11

    2011 Seadoo GTX 155 electrical issue, STOP/START, DESS

    Hi everyone, First of all I want to say that I am happy to have joined and be part of the community. I have a bit of a tricky issue. I have an intermittent electrical issue. My GTX 155 has 43 hours on it so it hasnt been used much. I recently started having issues with what seems like the DESS...
  4. beergut

    $650 to replace a DESS post?

    hi guys- 2008 GTX 215. new battery, fuses good, engine turns over when bypassing the solenoid (doesn't start of course) ski doesn't wake-up when the key is on the post- nothing. Dealer says it needs a new post, key, (and part of the wiring harness?) and reprogram- $650 total bill... seems high...
  5. C

    Reading key problem. HELP

    Hey guys I bought my first ski about 2 weeks ago. 2014 GTI 130 with 100 hours. Last few times I've gotten a reading key message sometimes for about a half hour. Very depressing as it runs great but this reading key is killing my time on the water not to mention embarrassing when I brought my...
  6. 2006RXT

    Dess Post

    My 2006RXT had a Dess Post lanyard key problem, it wouldn’t always connect and run on either the learner key or the full speed key. The keys worked fine on my 2008, but wouldn’t start the 2008 because of the different codes ect. Sometimes if I tapped the post with a screw driver the 2006 would...
  7. A

    2001 GTX just dies

    Hi I need some help. My 2001 SeaDoo GTX 951 carb starts just fine but then at some undetermined time (usually 10 minutes or so) it just dies regardless of speed. When it dies you can be going full out and it just croaks like someone yanked the lanyard so I am assuming that it is electrical. From...
  8. A

    nothing happens when I attach lanyard/DESS

    Hello guys, I’ve got a seadoo RXP from 2004. A few months ago a very weird problem showed up. When I put the DESS on the DESS-post, literally nothing happens. No bleep, no “seadoo” on the screen. Just like the battery is disconnected. And sometimes, when I leave the key on the post, after a...
  9. C

    Dess Post Issue

    Hello. I am having two, possibly related, issues with my 1997 Seadoo GTX. My first issue is after installing a new Radioshack beeper, I only get two beeps from the DESS post lanyard connection every couple tries. It is very intermittent. I have a couple of questions: -From what I have...
  10. bodine465

    96 GTX stalling. Possible DESS issue?

    Picked up a clean 96 GTX with a torn apart engine a couple years back for dirt cheap. Rebuilt the engine, replaced the corroded carbs with a set off Ebay, which I went through & cleaned. Replaced the gray fuel lines. Needed a new lanyard, which was programmed at the dealer. Finished near the end...
  11. B

    2000 gtx no beeps

    Hi guys, I have a 2000 gtx carb and when I attached the lanyard I have no beeps, push the starter switch and all the gauges work but still without beep and the engine does not turn over any idea with this problem thanks
  12. S

    2007 RXT 215 no start no beep no anything

    All...long time lurker, first time poster... My 07 RXT 215 has very low hours and i have owned since new. All maintenance has been done personally or at the dealership. I recently towed it about 400 miles for a vacation. The week before the unit started and ran with no issues. I logged...
  13. shaunster

    DESS Problem??

    This is driving me nuts and I can't solve it,,? 1999 speedster 1800 ..When I take the lanyard and put in on the dess post I get a long beep , It was working fine..the 2 short beeps and start your motors..Now when I start my motors the beeping won't go off...... steady.. How can I solve...
  14. brp.diagnostic.kit

    BUDS Diagnostic System

  15. brp.diagnostic.kit

    Hello from Portugal!

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