carb issues

  1. D

    Carb Butterfly Return Spring

    Hello everyone, I just rebuilt the carbs on my 1999 GTX Limited 951. I had a hard time getting the 4 bolts off the top brace joining the 2 carbs together. So I used heat, which worked to break them loose. In the heating process, I melted the two "rings" aka bushings that returns the butterfly...
  2. Czvas

    2004 GTI 717 single carb adjustments

    Hey everyone, I have a 2004 GTI 717 and I’m looking to make sure the high and low are set properly. The carb has these brass looking caps so I can’t get to the low and high. Are they under these caps and then able to adjust with a flat head? How do you remove the caps? My problem is it has no...
  3. B

    1997 GTX 787 WOT at Startup

    Hello, This site has been extremely helpful and I am grateful for everything everyone has shared with me thus far. I wanted to address another issue that I am having with the carbs. Just a little history on the machine. I bought the machine with a rusted crank and have rebuilt the motor from...
  4. R

    1996 GTI idles low after warm

    Hello All, New ski owner here. Bought this ski and went through did basic tune up cleaned fuel filter, changed oil injection filter, changed spark plugs, replaced starter relay. Running full tank of non-ethanol premium and seadoo mix oil. Took the ski out on the lake the other day and after...
  5. E

    1996 XP problem

    Hi Everyone! I am brand new to this forum so if I sound like I have no idea what I'm talking're probably right. Anyways, I have a 1996 XP I recieved from a friend; it was sitting for maybe 2 years. I recently replaced all the fuel lines, cleaned the internal carb filters, removed...
  6. D

    New Member with Questions! Thanks everyone!

    Hello everyone, new to the site but ive seen a lot of good advice posted so i figured i would join. My problem - I have a seadoo- Gtx Ltd that i recently took apart for the 4th or 5th ( engine out- not inside engine). Cleaned everything and replaced the fuel lines. Once i reassembled it i...