Carb Butterfly Return Spring


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Hello everyone,

I just rebuilt the carbs on my 1999 GTX Limited 951.

I had a hard time getting the 4 bolts off the top brace joining the 2 carbs together. So I used heat, which worked to break them loose. In the heating process, I melted the two "rings" aka bushings that returns the butterfly back closed. I am struggling to find a replacement ring. I called a repair shop, and they said I'll have to replace the carbs, as the part isn't sold anymore. All that's left is the locking washer and a small piece of the plastic ring. Does anyone have any tips to fab a new one, or source a different part?
Might be able to find some used/ruined carbs on eBay that you could use as parts? Did you find the part numbers and scour the internet?