1. skidmarks

    I need some advice, OPINIONS NEEDED! Help!

    Hi everybody, I posted here a few years ago when I was first looking to buy a Sea-Doo. I ended up getting a pretty good deal on a 2012 GTI 130. The condition is a 6.5/10 with 160 hours on it. Right now I am looking at a 2013 Wake 155 with 98 hours, perfect condition, listed for $8000. I bought...
  2. S

    Power Washing Rotax Engine

    So I am in the process of rebuilding and cleaning my seadoo. I have removed the engine to make my life a little easier, but I noticed that it appears someone painted over the entire engine (I can see patches of the original paint. Every-time I touch the engine, paint chips get everywhere. I...

    1998 xpl

    Thinking of buying a 1998 xpl. Any feedback on this would be appreciated. The boat seems super cheap at $1650 w a single trailer in TX. Good, bad or indifferent?
  4. M

    LRV or SUV advise.

    I am considering the purchase of a four seater PWC to pull my kids around. Please rank the following units based on your experience and feel free to explain. Seadoo LRV with: 951 Carb. over 125 Hours 951 Carb. rebuilt approx. 25 Hours 951 DI under 100 Hours 951 DI over 100 Hours 951 DI...
  5. N

    2000 RX and 1997 GTX troubles

    So this season has been great so far despite some minor kinks that i'm trying to work out so I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice: Sea-Doo RX 2000 I received a Sea Doo 2000 RX this summer and decided to do a top end rebuild to get it running. My mechanic told me to baby it...
  6. M

    Jet Boat/PWC Advice

    Hey guys, another newbie. Reciently got a new job and looking to invest in a waverunner or jet boat with my old man. First real job means that my budget is fairly limited. Looking for a good deal on something that will run fine and last a couple years before I can upgrade...
  7. J

    Hey im new to PWC's

    I currently do not own a pwc but i am going to a mans house in a few minutes to look at 2 he has for sale. I was wondering if any one could give me any advice. One is a 1997 seadoo xp and the other is a 1996 seadoo spx. I am looking for something that will ride me and my wife, also to pull a...
  8. N

    Buying Advice...04 RXP or 06 RXT ????

    I've been bitten by the bug again. I've searched a bit and I've found a couple of options. I'm seeking some counsel on which direction to go. 2004 RXP with 60 hrs for $5K or 2006 RXT with 80 hrs for $6K. Both come with single galvanized trailers and are fresh water, one owner skis...
  9. J

    HELP! Need to know what to do with flooded '05 Sea-Doo

    I row for a crew in East Tennessee and while out one day we came across an upside down '05 Sea-Doo. It was upside down and only the very bottom of the hull was showing. We dragged it back to our boathouse and left it for a day due to the fact we could not get to it that day or the next few for...
  10. A

    2002 Utopia 185 Merc V6 200 newby questions

    Hello everyone .. Newby here .. Hoping for answers to a few (probably silly beginner) questions ... 1. I know that my Utopia was well cared for and always professionally winterized .. What I don't know is what maintenance was done over the years and have no way of finding out at this point ...
  11. S

    Tubing Accident, Need Help!

    Yes, it happened. While tubing today, the ski rope line got crossed under the ski and of course got sucked into the intake grate and tangled in the impeller, drive shaft, and other internal workings in the area I assume. Being new to owing a Sea Doo, I need help. I would have to say that in...
  12. seadooNY575

    anyone wakeboard around the great south bay of long island?

    We've been using our 96 sportster for a few years now around there and just deciding to try wakeboarding and Im looking for any advice and/or suggestions. Thanks.
  13. S

    new boater advice please

    Hey guys I'm a new boater just bought my first boat hear it's a blast.. I gotta 96 sea Doo challenger.. Just wondering if there nething I should know ... Also looking to hear some good important tips to maintaing my boat well:. Ic it's very important... Keep in mind I'm new so explain in dummy...
  14. dustinsspace12

    Newbie bought a Seadoo, now could use some advice!!

    Hey fellow Seadoo owners. I have been wanting a PWC forever! But the Army doesnt pay enough for me to have too many toys and my Jeep takes most the money ;) -- Issue is this. I recently bought a 1993 GTS from a guy who gets them as trade ins fixes them up and sells them. The seadoo runs great...
  15. R

    Looking for advice on buying a pair of used 3 seaters for family

    Hi all - love the forum, been searching boats the boat side and the pwc for while now (wife thinks I'm slightly out of my mind... but that's ok). I'm looking to pick up a pair of 3 seaters for river, lake and maybe (very maybe) ocean use here in SoCal. I'm trying to budget around $4000 including...
  16. brandon32689

    fixing up my gsx! any advice or suggestions?

    hey guys i have a 98 seadoo gsx red and purple for some reason, well i been stripping off all the purple and cleaning it up, i bought it at winter time and have been fixing up i was just wanting some suggestions i am going to post some pics to, i got the mirrors removed and holes filled and...
  17. B

    Advice on Boat purchase

    Lookn at purchasing an 06 seadoo sportster w/ the 215hp engine...present owner informing me that the boat has 35 hours on it....I'll be traveln a good distance to get to it and as this will be our first boat some what apprehensive concerning the whole deal. Not sure what to look for. I'm aware...