95 speedster

  1. dwhee87

    95 Speedster - Both engines shut off as soon as on plane

    Hi all, Having an issue with my 95 speedster...port engine replaced about a month ago. Still in break-in period. Have run about a tank of gas through it at this point, and all's been working great. Yesterday, went out and as soon as I was clear of the no wake, I throttled up to about 4k rpm...
  2. B

    95 Speedster rpm issue

    Hello everyone... and thank you for viewing my first thread as I am new to this forum. I have an old 95 speedster with twin rotax engines that is still a lot of fun to take out on my smaller lake. I have come into a recent issue where if I don't ease into acceleration the engines will give out...
  3. dwhee87

    Speedster vs. Sporster Cable Lever

    The right side cable lever on '95 Speedster broke this weekend. Looking at a parts catalog, the one that came off my boat looks like it is actually from a Sportster. I've ordered the correct part for a Speedster, but now am thinking maybe the previous owner put a Sportster engine in the boat...
  4. IBGMann2

    95 Speedster 3000 Rev Limit

    Hello everyone, I'm new to boating and have a question about my boat. I recently bought a 95 seadoo speedster. I've had it out 5 times with no problems. Last weekend while on the river I idled out of a no wake zone and cranked on the throttle and both engines stayed at 3000 Rpm. It was...