95 speedster

  1. J

    1995 Speedster Port Engine not getting spark

    I am officially losing my mind trying to get the port engine on a 95 speedster to start. The engine cranks, but it does not get spark. I just replaced the coil pack, and all of the wires test good. Even more strange, when I move 1 spark plug wire and the 4 wire connector (attached in the...
  2. T

    Can you change crank seals with dismantling the case?

    Looking for advice changing crankcase seals in a 1995 Seadoo Speedster. Replacing top end of both motors, want to replace crankshaft seals. Is it possible to pull old seal out and push new seals in without splitting the crank case? Not concerned with internal seals at this time. Thanks
  3. T

    Quick damage to Cylinders Help

    Trying to bring a 95 Speedster back to life after 10 year rest Compression test one motor at 200psi both cyl, other motor 210/150 also plenty of oil spewing from spark plug holes. reinstalled old plugs. Removed old gas put in fresh to test fire and determine carb condition. Wouldn't fire...
  4. dwhee87

    95 Speedster - Both engines shut off as soon as on plane

    Hi all, Having an issue with my 95 speedster...port engine replaced about a month ago. Still in break-in period. Have run about a tank of gas through it at this point, and all's been working great. Yesterday, went out and as soon as I was clear of the no wake, I throttled up to about 4k rpm...
  5. B

    95 Speedster rpm issue

    Hello everyone... and thank you for viewing my first thread as I am new to this forum. I have an old 95 speedster with twin rotax engines that is still a lot of fun to take out on my smaller lake. I have come into a recent issue where if I don't ease into acceleration the engines will give out...
  6. dwhee87

    Speedster vs. Sporster Cable Lever

    The right side cable lever on '95 Speedster broke this weekend. Looking at a parts catalog, the one that came off my boat looks like it is actually from a Sportster. I've ordered the correct part for a Speedster, but now am thinking maybe the previous owner put a Sportster engine in the boat...
  7. IBGMann2

    95 Speedster 3000 Rev Limit

    Hello everyone, I'm new to boating and have a question about my boat. I recently bought a 95 seadoo speedster. I've had it out 5 times with no problems. Last weekend while on the river I idled out of a no wake zone and cranked on the throttle and both engines stayed at 3000 Rpm. It was...