95 Speedster 3000 Rev Limit

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Hello everyone,
I'm new to boating and have a question about my boat. I recently bought a 95 seadoo speedster. I've had it out 5 times with no problems. Last weekend while on the river I idled out of a no wake zone and cranked on the throttle and both engines stayed at 3000 Rpm. It was almost like a rev limiter sort of thing. I quickly started to go back to the dock when the alarm sounded. I killed both engines, opened the engine compartment and found that the right engine was over heated. I got the boat back on the trailer and found plastic stuck on the jet pump clogging the water inlet. Cleared both jet pumps out and put the boat back in the water. Still both engines will not got over 3000 Rpm, no alarm just will not go over 3000 Rpm. I did a compression check on all cylinders all of them have 125lbs of compression. I am in the process of putting new wear rings in and new plugs. Any other ideas of why this may happen? Is there a fail safe on this thing that causes it to do this. Anyone that can help me would be great. Thanks.
If boats are like PWC's the compression should be 150psi and no less than 130psi, with a difference of no more than 10%, so your compression may be on the low side.

Do both motors have their own MPEM's for do both run of the same one?

You might get more and better answers if you put this on the boat forum.

Check the nuetral switch, the boats have a rev limiter so it can not ride itself away from the dock when you bump the throttle with a cooler or a rope, it is under the metal plate where the sliders move.
VooDoo I think you might be right. After I put the new wear rings in I tried to turn the engine over with it in gear and it turned over. I started to take the slider plates off but someone really did a number on the screws under there. I moved it back and forth a few times and it didn't do it again. I'm going to be putting it on the water tomarrow to test things out. I will let you know! Thanks again
Yup... if it's both engines... it's the neutral switch in the throttle lever assembly. They are known to go bad.
Just came back off the river. I didn't do anything to the neutral switch but I do think it's on the way out. I kept switching it from Forward and Reverse and it's been working. What a difference new wear rings make! Thanks for all your help.... Again!

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