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    '09 180 Challenger 255 hp 4-tech just stopped. Looking for where to start?

    Hi All, I am a new owner of this machine this year. Calgary AB Canada. We had 18 hours on it when we got it and during the next 6 hours,we had to be towed in 2x. Not off to a great start ! The First one is entirely due to my stupidity and realizing 3 Feet Deep Means exactly that. First 2...
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    2004 Seadoo GTX 4-tec Supercharged

    I bought this seadoo knowing it had starting issues. There are 1 and 2 connection points to the MPEM. I have noticed that when I lift up ever so slightly on #2 connection point going to the MPEM that the electrical connection is made, seadoo gives a few beeps, starts up and basically seems good...
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    4-tech exhaust manifold, water passages blocked

    Good morning experts. I have a 2003 GTX 4-tech with supercharger. The ski has been stood ten years. I am trying to get it back to the water but it seams the open loop cooling loop is blocked. I removed the hose from the front of the manifold and cab blow back down to the intake. Likewise I...
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    Seadoo GTX 155hp - Power issues

    Hi all, I have a 2002 seadoo GTX 4-tech 155hp. The ski goes well when there is one on it, however when there is weight on the ski (3 passengers) or towing a skier/boarder it really struggles. The engine revs fine but the ski tends to struggle a bit, if you keep the power down it does...
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    2006 gtx sc/ic seized

    I just subscribed to this forum today and overall new to the Seadoo wrenching world I am a car/truck mechanic by trade and have rebuilt tons of engines for them. I have also done motorcycle engine/transmission rebuilds. Ill start off by thanking everyone for their help and patients with this...
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    Bringing a 4-tech back from the brink....

    So my Aunt bought a brand new 2004 4-tech sportster back in 04 and since then I have a very strong feeling that ZERO maintenance has been done, zip, zero, nada in addition to being left outside in direct sunlight without any covers.... I noticed that it looked like hell full of leaves/pine...
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    blow-by valve 4-tech gtx

    Can anyone tell me where the blow-by valve is located and/or the part number? I get an error code that it is closed. Also, is there any way to open it or a fix? I have a 2003 GTX 4-TECH... Non-turbo. Thank you
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    2003 seadoo 4-tech

    185 hp fuel injected 1500cc 3 cylinder closed loop cooling. Might be a good project if i can get some info And Tips thx. "The deal with the engine is this, bought the ski with the engine not working so im going on what the person said. it was a friend of a friend so im sure he was being...