1. MikeinStPete

    2008 4 tec 215 continuous beep even after removing key

    I am trying to take compression readings to see if I need to remove the head. Plugs out and connected to coils to also check for spark. As soon as I plug the key in I get a solid beep that continues for a minute even after removing the key. Any ideas? As I spin the starter, LOTS of raw...
  2. DiogoS

    Supercharger issue

    Hi folks. I’m new here and would love to have some help from you guys. So let’s start from the beginning: I bought a 2005 rxt 215 about 1 year ago with 150hours and now it’s just over 200hours and the supercharger is fucked (totally fucked) so I tried to remove it but one of those 3 bolts is...
  3. Scotty06rxt

    Please help. 2006 rxt fault codes

    Hi guys. I own a 2006 seadoo rxt supercharged. Had a fault code the other say p0111 intake air temp sensor. Replaced that also found my intercooler leaking. Replaced that last night. Took it out today for testing. Got the p0111 code once again. Stopped on shore to check wiring. Tested again...
  4. sheldon2es

    GTR 2015-2016 215hp vs 2017-2018 230hp

  5. sheldon2es


  6. DooGuy

    Help !?!. Engine crank, no start

    Hello All, new to the forum, needing some help with my boat. Appreciate any help. Sorry for the long details to follow, will try to be short. '07 Challenger 230 SC, in the fall while cruising engine suddenly stopped. tried to get to go on water but nothing. limped back to shore and loaded up on...
  7. skidmarks

    2006 Sea-Doo RXP 215 Supercharged purchasing questions

    Hi! I'm back again! I gave up on the other two Sea-Doos I was looking at to wait for a 215 or higher. I found a 2006 Sea-Doo RXP 215 Supercharged for around $5400. From what I see its in excellent condition! Is this a good deal? I'm also wondering if that would work to pull a tube and skier. He...
  8. dotz

    Need help on 2007 rxp

    Hello, this is my first time on this site and needed some help on a ski. I am looking at a 2007 rxp 215 with 160 hours. It looks to be in good shape. I believe it is mostly stock. I will be going to look at it tomorrow. I know about the washers needing to be replaced, and the superchargers to...
  9. I

    Considering 2009 230 Wake

    Hi, I searched around on the forum but couldn't find a sticky of the typical question - "Hey, I'm buying XXX boat, what should I look out for?" So, here it goes, feel free to answer or direct me to relevant threads. I'm looking at a 2009 230 Wake , twin 215's. It has a the tower, speakers...
  10. P

    Feedback on potentially buying used for a first time owner

    Hey guys, First timer here, I'm getting ready to make my lifelong obsession with owning a SeaDoo come to fruition. I've been digging through the forum and this place is great. I've read through the buying a used ski thread and there was excellent info in there, I'm just hoping to get an...
  11. N

    Speedster 150. 2008 215 HP vs. 2009 255 HP

    Would love some input. Looking at Speedster 150's. Two available options at the moment: An 08 215 hp with 30 hours. In addition to the cover and trailer it would come with a SeaDoo warranty until May 2015. Cost with shipping is $12,500. Alternatively, an 2009 Speedster 150 with the 255...
  12. M

    Hello. Newbie here.

    Hi, my name is Matt, I just purchased a 2013 Sea-Doo GTR 215 after my dad and I spent countless hours rebuilding a 1998 Sea-Doo GTX Limited. The 98 ran like a top for about a day and a half and then either the engine or drive seized up. So he is going to rebuild it again, and I decided I wanted...
  13. D

    Seadoo Wake Pro 215. More Pulling Power?

    Hey all, been reading around in this forum for a while now. Good Stuff. I recently bought a 2009 Wake pro 215, and it's my first PWC. I've only put a few hours on it so far, and it is a pretty fun maching. I've got a few questions about performance parts for it though, this seems like the...