Help !?!. Engine crank, no start

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Hello All, new to the forum, needing some help with my boat. Appreciate any help. Sorry for the long details to follow, will try to be short. '07 Challenger 230 SC, in the fall while cruising engine suddenly stopped. tried to get to go on water but nothing. limped back to shore and loaded up on trailer. at home tried again to crank and no go, removed jet pump and tried again, no go. removed plugs and then tried spinning engine and it finally cranked but made awful screeching, metal on metal. stopped right away. pulled supercharge and found the shaft bearing was had been locked and the impeller was the sound I heard, had scrapped against the housing. New supercharger on the way. went thru upper part and could not find anything in engine, think I got very lucky that it didn't suck up any of the shavings as it never started when the scrapping was going on. fast forward to today. I'm trying to get the engine prepped for the new SC, which will be here tomorrow. When I go to start it won't go. Port engine is fine, Starboard not firing. no access to a Buds system unless I want to pay stealer just to hook up. at battery post is 12.6, at solenoid 12.6 while cranking drops to 12.4, also checked at starter and had same reading at the starter of 12.4 while cranking. also bypassed with a jumper directly to the starter and same result. Starter was just checked out by auto electrician. also checked Fuel Pressure and is at 56psi. With out plugs in the engine cranks easily and is smooth no pings of any sort or sounds that shouldn't be there. Also after cranking for a little bit, I pulled plugs and all three had gas on them, #3 though had carbon build up. all three are brand new NGK oem plugs.

Here is a video of cranking, get the 2 beeps and if I let sit get the 4 beeps on the dess before cranking. Video 1

2nd vid is cranking right engine twice followed by left engine start up and then right engine crank. Video 2
image1.JPG image2.JPG IMG_4129.JPG

Thoughts as to what I'm missing? do I need to do what the manual says and open up to check the flywheel and trigger (which looks like a royal pain in the butt)

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Did you check for spark? You mention checking everything else, but no mention of checking for spark.
Hi JPass, thank you for the reply. Had not checked spark. just got in from checking and have spark on all 3 cylinders. ~ Rick
Are you trying to crank the motor without the supercharger on it? Why? Why not wit until you re-install the supercharger to try and get her running?
Yes, somewhere along the line I was told that it was ok to start without. New to working on these engines. Just anxious to have everything ready to go. Wanted to install the sc and be ready to take out for the weekend etc, supposed to be in the 80's here.
One way to rule out the SC being required to run would be to remove the inlet line(outlet from the SC) to the throttle body from the running motor to see if it will start. If the other engine won't start, then you know you'll need the supercharger installed in order to get her to run.
Just tried it out, removed the hoses from the sc on the engine that's working, cranked and fired right up just as if hoses were connected.
Doesn't the 4 beeps indicate that the throttle isn't in neutral? Have you tried moving the throttle lever back and forth until the 4 beeps stops? Possible bad neutral switch?
I'd try moving the shift lever back and forth a bit and see if it starts. The other option would be to switch the neutral switch connections to see if the engine will start and the other will not (reverse of what's currently going on). If so, then you know the switch is causing your starting issues.
In the boat it beeps twice after you put key on then after no start 4short to remind key is on. If in neutral it won't let you crank at all. All last summer I had the 4 beeps and started no problem.
Our boat has a keyed ignition not the DESS, so I'm at a loss as to what's causing your no start issue. When I search about the 4 beeps, all I'm finding is that it means you're not in neutral. I'd still try to swap the plugs coming off the neutral switch and see if anything changes. It certainly won't hurt. You say you have everything needed for the motor to run, fuel, spark, compression, and air, so I'm not sure why she won't fire.
Sorry for delay. Took to a shop which has been slammed, any how engine is having to be replaced as well having the 2nd done as it shows signs of excessive heat , according to the shop repairing. Not sure if damage was all mine from sucking up a rope or from previous owner, just bought July last year, insurance is covering the replacement of both though so hopefully in a week or two I'll be back on water.
Signs of excessive heat? What exactly is wrong with the motor that it needs to be replaced? Did they open up the motor and find any damage? Did they do a compression test? Did they run the CanDoo software on it and show you the results?

I'd want to know what was wrong with my motor before I had the entire thing replaced.
On the engine that wouldn't start he said he opened it up after finding no compression, he said that when he turned the drive shaft that nothing turned in the engine, said he thought either the cam or timing chain was damaged and recommended engine vs rebuilding the existing one. He said the exhaust cans had some sort of plastic piece inside, sorry lack of knowledge on me at this point, but that had melted and that was a critical piece of exhaust. Said that how the paint had bubbled on the other exhaust and that he felt something off when cranking it by hand on the 2nd engine. Said exhaust piece was melted on engine 2 as well. I submitted to insurance at that point as had bought additional motor coverage, they approved both after verifying shop creditials. Not sure if I need both or not but the 2nd guy I took too and one of the few around me that work on them recommended it. I'll try and get more specific detail from him when done.
Blistered paint on the exhaust manifolds is definitely a sign of a major overheat. Were you not getting temp alarms when this overheat was going on?
Had the ala ms go off when we had unknowingly sucked a rope, so as alarm sounded hit the kill and shut it down, waited for about 15-20 minutes before attempting no alarm. And that was only on one engine. Being new to the boat not sure if the exhaust paint was bubbled prior to buying or not. Was pretty green when buying, have since learned a lot.
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