1. N

    Challenger broken windshield

    Hi, I have 2008 Challenger 180 SE and the building I was using for winter storage collapsed and one of the beams came down across the windshield and smashed the two side windows and bent the frame. Anyone on here have an idea of where to get a replacement windshield, or aftermarket one, or...
  2. 2

    mids for 2008 130 gti

    hi, does anyone have recommended performance mods for a 2008 gti 130, wanting good price for good benefit, and just good all round mods than can benefit most stats
  3. E

    Intermittent JetSki

    I own a 2008 RXT 3 person Seadoo Ski and recently it has been very intermittent with the power. Even with the trigger fully down it will not go at the speed displayed on the dashboard. Sometimes the speed is reached normally but it can slow down suddenly. There are no alerts or alarms on the...
  4. Sharkbaitdude

    Supercharger maintenance on 2008 GTX 155

    I just bought a GTX 155 and took it out for the first time. I noticed that there is a message about "Supercharger Maintenance." I thought that was odd because the model I bought doesn't have a supercharger in it.... or so I thought. Any ideas? TIA!
  5. H

    GPS for 2008 GTX ltd

    Hi there, I have a 2008 GTX Limited and need to replace the GPS unit. Will anything other than a Garmin 76 fit? I'd like to add a newer model but unsure if it will fit the holder. Any experience welcome! Many thanks, Henry.
  6. G

    2008 Supercharger

    I have a 2008 RXP x 255 that I purchased used from a good friend. While he owned it he never had the supercharger rebuild and neither have I. My plan is to get it rebuilt this summer. But, the supercharger has never really worked. Whenever I have the general service done the mechanic will fix it...
  7. H

    WTB 2008 Challenger 230 (prefered)

    Pls email all offers to XXhrhinfo@gmail.comXX pls remove XX...XX for emailing. All other offers welcome! Thanks!!
  8. R

    2008 seadoo gti 155 surging electrical issue

    2008 seadoo gti 155 I have a2008 gti se 155 I have one that seems to turn on the info panel giving me the welcome aboard message every 15 seconds or so. This happens with no key hooked up. When I do put the DESS key on it beeps fine and gives me the welcome aboard message every time but...
  9. D

    What Do I Need to Know - 2008 RXT 215

    Hi - New to the forums here. I just got a "new" 2008 RXT 215 from the dealership this past weekend with ZERO hours on it. It was actually a gift of sorts. I have never owned a boat (myself; family had one as a child) or jet ski and I would like to take it out this coming Friday for the...
  10. N

    2008 Seadoo GTI 130. How to get 155 HP?

    I got the GTI 130 and from what i can tell it has the same engine as the GTI 155. How can i get that extra 25 HP out of the 130? Any info would be great. Thanks
  11. M

    2008 SeaDoo RXP-X - $9900

    sold - delete posting