GPS for 2008 GTX ltd

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Hi there,

I have a 2008 GTX Limited and need to replace the GPS unit. Will anything other than a Garmin 76 fit?

I'd like to add a newer model but unsure if it will fit the holder.

Any experience welcome!

Many thanks, Henry.
I had a similar issue and Garmen had a "trade-in" program so I got the current unit at a great deal. Uunfortunately it was a tad smaller but Velcro straps solved that issue.

In case you can't find same size....
If it's like my 2004, it's a inset into the glovebox lid. The GPS that came with mine was a perfect fit - it had a clamp that made it really secure.

As I said above, mine was not working very well so I upgraded and the dimensions were a little less so I added a few strips of velcro
and it sits really well and secure in the inset.
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