1. H

    1996 Seadoo sp starts and dies

    Ive been working on my 1996 seadoo sp trying to get it ready for the summer and I rebuilt the top end(has 145 psi on both cylinders) and changed all fuel lines and rebuilt my carb which I pressure tested and it meets specs, I’ve also got new gas in it aswell and it starts up but dies shortly...
  2. S

    96 GTI jet pump bearing or crank bearing failure?

    A little backstory first. Earlier in the year I took the jetski out and near the end of the day could feel what I thought was jet pump cavitation. I would rev the ski and it would have problems reaching mid speeds and higher. I could hit max rpms, but the ski would just hit maybe half speed, as...
  3. J

    1996 Challenger

    I just bought a '96 Challenger (mint condition!), it runs great but the speedometer and gas gauge don't work. This first thing I'm going to do today is the check the fuses. But if those are OK, what would be the next steps? BTW, The paddle wheel for the speedo is intact and turns freely. Thanks...
  4. K

    1996 speedster mpem

    Hey guys I have a 1996 speedster . Couple years ago put 2 new motors in it. Now I have lost the original mpem in it. It keeps blowing the 5 amp fuse. I’m looking into getting the new retro fit kit from seadoosource.com. I have talked to the guy a couple times about doing it but just curious if...
  5. N

    1996 Seadoo GTX Bombardier Won’t Start

    Hi everyone, I have been reading forums here for weeks now trying to figure out this 1996 Seadoo but I’m a little lost where to go from here. It was given to me, it sat for several years outside not used & exposed to the elements but the inside is pretty clean - no mouse nests, water sitting...
  6. P

    96 speedster no spark

    No spark on both plugs, both engines. I replaced the two small pwc batteries with a larger single battery, which required taking the exhaust off. upon doing this I saw the starter was bad, so ordered and replaced it. Yesterday I put the exhaust back on and plugged in the hose to try running it...
  7. A

    RESTO 1996 Seadoo XP not running correctly

    Hello. New to the forum and trying to get my 96 XP on the water. Symptoms-Starts and idles fine out of the water. Revs out of the water. Hard to start in the water. Does not rev in the water. Sometimes hear burst of air coming from the carbs when running. Here are the things that I have...
  8. S

    Carbs not feeding same amount of fuel

    I recently rebuilt both of my carbs for a 96 GTI with the OSDMarine kit that specifies no need to set popoff pressure (return to OEM kit i believe). At the time I rebuilt my carbs I thoroughly went through and cleaned everything. Yesterday, I started the engine fine by pouring a splash of gas...
  9. S

    Seadoo beeper continously beeps

    Have a 1996 GTI I've rebuilt alot on. I've replaced the buzzer and start switch with high quality options from osdparts.com. I also replaced the info gauge from a reseller on ebay. All the multifunctions of the gauge work. I rebuilt the fuel baffle so gas level would show properly. Temperature...
  10. stevie mac

    Bad MPEM 96 Seadoo Challenger

    Hey all, are there any work-arounds to replacing the entire MPEM? Which component(s) generally blow? And can I order them? My little sister thought it was ok to jump/charge the boat battery while the car was running. Just trying not to spend $500 on the entire thing. Thanks!
  11. A

    1996 GTI no beep no start

    Hey everybody, I got a 1996 GTI at the beginning of the summer and it ran great all summer and then I went to take it out during Memorial Day weekend and it does not beep when I put the key on the post and doesn’t even crank over or even click. Battery is fairly new I got it less than 2 months...
  12. S

    FOR SALE 1996 GTX nose bumper

    I just bought a 1996 GTX and it is missing the front nose bumper. The part was 921000223 but it has been discontinued and I’m having trouble locating one. Is there another nose bumper I could put on instead that would be a good fit?
  13. cam2rich

    No beep, no power

    Hello, I was just given a 96 GSX with a seized motor and a rear electrical box full of water. I freed the motor and checked compression (shockingly it had 162 165), replaced the starter solenoid as the post was corroded, the two smaller ring terminals that go the the battery cable post, and the...
  14. T

    Can't find where connector goes on '96 Challenger. Please help!

    I feel dumb but I can't figure out where this connector is supposed to run to on my '96 Challenger. I don't see anywhere that it could potentially plug in under the steering wheel compartment with all of the lights, bilge, blower, and ignition switches. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  15. CrazyJoe

    After Market Mpem's Info.

    I read many forum's but once people fix their issues they don't follow up on it worked out or any details on any other issues they worked out. So I am sharing my experience . My issue when I bought a used 1996 sea-doo GTI 717 5865 . I own a lakehouse so I have a advantage of trial and error...
  16. Shane0524

    FOR SALE Cleanest 1996 GTX in the Country

    INTERESTED BUYERS ONLY. Title in hand. This is quite possibly the cleanest 1996 Sea-Doo GTX in the country. 2-owner, highly maintained, 112 hours. All original. Runs excellent, EVERYTHING works. Problematic grey fuel lines have been replaced. Carburetors just cleaned, RAVE exhaust power...
  17. M

    Seadoo HX

    Hello guys, I just signed up to this forum. I had a question, I have a seadoo HX from 1996 a bought is last summer and it had some issues so I trying to fix her now, when I way troubleshooting o saw a button on the steering wheel what I hadn't noticed before, can anybody explain the propose of...
  18. PolarCelsius


    Last time out on the water, when I would turn off the engine, intermittently upon putting the key back on the high temp LED would flash a few times, then whole info dash would turn off... take out key and try again, eventually it would just work as normal. Now it seems to be indefinite. Will not...
  19. R

    SeaDoo XP 96’ reads key and beeps 4 times

    Hello, i have a 96 xp 800. Bought a MPEM for it but i can see that it belongs to a GTX and not a xp. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the 96 GTX MPEM so i can install it in my xp by cutting wires and clamp on a quick connector instead of factory connectors? (Im bought the whole front...
  20. R

    Seadoo xp 800 1996 no spark on front cylinder (mag side??)

    Hello! i got no spark on the front cylinder but i do on the back cylinder. i changed sparkplugs and coils with boots. i tried to bypass the killswitch with no luck anyone have a clue whats going on? -rubves