1996 gsx

  1. V

    '96 Seadoo GSX No Spark, No power to coil

    Alright, I'm working on a '96 Seadoo GSX for a buddy of mine. Came in, zero spark. Ignition coil resistance was EXTREMELY high, so I swapped it with a known good one. Redid all the connectors inside of the rear e-box due to corrosion from moisture in the box. Previous ignition coil was burnt up...
  2. cam2rich

    No beep, no power

    Hello, I was just given a 96 GSX with a seized motor and a rear electrical box full of water. I freed the motor and checked compression (shockingly it had 162 165), replaced the starter solenoid as the post was corroded, the two smaller ring terminals that go the the battery cable post, and the...
  3. Aaron787gsx

    Sea doo keeps taking water in hull

    Hey everyone so I got an issue with my 1996 sea doo GSX 787 motor. I keep getting water into my hull and I had already replaced my carbon ring and the VTS boot on the jet pump due to it being torn. I checked the exhaust cause I know that they are somewhat known for cracking and didn’t seem to...
  4. Cheflen

    New 96 gsx, tips are welcome

    Just picked up a new 96 gsx after restoring my 95 sp. I’ve always wanted a gsx so I finally got one. Can anyone tell me everything there is to know about the 96 gsx? I have worked with rotary valves but not the rave valves so I’m not sure what’s new there. The fuel lines are gray so I have to...
  5. O

    1996 gsx

    i am a new member so let me say hello to everyone first ,,,now if any one has any ideas or suggestions on what to check ,i would be thankful,2 problems i am having is sputter and water getting in the boat some how ,the sputter is wierd when you start it it idals fine when you go to give it gas...
  6. Y

    96 GSX Dual Carbs (Used, need rebuilt)

    Hello all, I have a 1996 SeaDoo GSX. I recently purchased a set of rebuilt carburetors and replaced my current ones. I am looking to sell the ones I have just taken off, keep in mind that they will need to be cleaned and rebuilt. I am located in San Diego County, but I am willing to ship...
  7. T

    96 GSX won't exceed 4500 rpm maybe running rich?

    Hey all, I have a 1996 Seadoo GSX with the 787 Rotax, I just recently replaced the fuel lines from the crappy gray lines, cleaned out the fuel selector valve, changed the inline filter out (small filter before carb) and broke down the carbs to an extent. I didn't replace the pop of...
  8. T

    96 GSX 787 Rotax troubleshooting help

    I have a 1996 GSX with the 787 Rotax and am in need of some troubleshooting help. Bought it a year ago from a guy who barely rode it and as it sits now it's only got 50 hours on it. A few weeks ago I cleaned her up, put all new fuel in it, Ultra 93 non ethanol and took it out for a rip...
  9. D

    Meet and Greet and engine choking out problem

    Hello, I am new to this forum and thought I would first post about my jet skis one is a '95 spx and a '96 gsx the spx is perfect and works correctly and am quite happy with that one. The Gsx on the other hand is problem after problem just got back from the lake today and the gsx would onlyget to...
  10. F

    96 gsx new sbc motor, need to replace flywheel?

    Hi folks. I am putting a refurb SBT motor in my 96 gsx, and noticed that all the teeth on my flywheel a bit worn on one side. Can someone tell me in if it's a good idea to also replace the flywheel hub? Thank you for your time!!!!
  11. O

    1996 GSX Carburetor adjustment

    I am new to this so please bear with me. I have 2 used 1996 GSX with the 787 engines and I can't figure out how to adjust the carburetors while they are on the engines. The screw for the left carb is accessible but the screw for the right carb is blocked by the exhaust pipe. I have bought 4...