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    Factory boat cover from a 1995 Seadoo Sportster.

    Yes it cover the boat from the Bow to the Stern. Unfortunately the cover has been SOLD.
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    Factory boat cover from a 1995 Seadoo Sportster.

    Most likely the cover will fit a 1996 Sportster or Speedster.
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    Seadoo Hull Conversion to Mini Electric Boat Project

    Look into e-bike battery and controller. Some e-bike operates at 36V and some at 48V. Since it is a bike, you could probably adapt the handlebar control to the Seadoo's handlebar
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    1997 seadoo gtx getting too much oil in one cylinder

    Just because you have a good spark doesn't mean the engine is time correctly. Wet plug mean the engine is getting too much gas. Dry the plus and use compress air to dry the cylinder and see if she starts.
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    Factory boat cover from a 1995 Seadoo Sportster.

    Selling a factory boat cover from a 1995 Seadoo Sposter jet boat. It will also fit the Seadoo Speedster. Boat was always stored inside even during the summer so the cover is in excellent condition. $150.00 (OBO) plus $25.00 shipping charge. You can email me at
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    1997 seadoo gtx getting too much oil in one cylinder

    Oil Valve From the oil tank feed line to the engine you can insert a valve to shut off the oil when you are not using the jet ski. This will prevent oil from accumulating in the cavity. You just need to remember to open the valve before using the jet ski.
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    Jet Ski Stand

    Selling a Jetski stand $125.00 O.B.O. Local pickup only. I am located in Chicago, IL. Here my craigslist ad.
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    battery storage in this frigid weather

    I keep my batteries on maintainers throughout the winter months. They run 24/7. Learn from previous experience that if you leaver a wet cell battery in a car or boat over the winter month without it being on a trickle charger or maintainer that you will need to buy a new battery in the Spring...
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    Oil Leak or Oil Injection not working? 1998 Sportster 1800

    Could be the cranks seals is leaking. You will need to perform a pressure test of the crankcase to determine this.
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    1999 Challenger 1800 won't start

    I would removing the spark plug and see if you can turn the engine over either with the starter or by hand. Could be that the engines are seized if the boat sunk.
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    Good thing I can weld

    Nice welds. Do you do that for a living or just a hobby?
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    First time winterizing

    I run RV Marine anti freeze, but I also use compress air to blow out the anti-freeze. Because the antifreeze is an alcohol base product, blowing air through the system evaporates the anti-freeze. I also remove the muffler to empty out the water, but once I started using compress air to clear...
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    Just found out why I can't install a impeller boot.

    The standard impeller tool works. I have a 1995 Seadoo Sportster with a single Rotax 657X engine. I will have to go to where the boat is stored and remove the pump to take a picture of the impeller.
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    Just found out why I can't install a impeller boot.

    So this summer when I rebuilt my engine I tried installing an impeller boot that was missing from the drive shaft when I pulled the pump to remove the engine. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the boot on the impeller. So the other day while I was in the garage I found another impeller...
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    Parting 95 SPX with 657X engine

    Thanks for the reply, but I'm going to take a pass on the pump. I'm looking for a pump that I can just bolt up to the boat. I don't want to take it to a shop to have the two broken bolts removed.