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    Oil Pump or Pre-Mix

    pre mix - for merc 210 I switched to pre mix to avoid any probs on the merc 210 carb - runs great and no worries on problems for me :)
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    2000 challenger 2000 FS- TX

    I have a very nice 20' challenger here. Engine was rebuilt by prior owner less than 100 hours ago. All new interior in 2010 - including new oem rear seat assembly. bought some nice new 2005 seat bottoms for the captains chairs - real nice all around - has original bimini. New Poppy custom...
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    challenger 2000 has a hole in block how should i go about repair

    Hey - I believe it is the Mercury engine - I have a 2000 challenger 2000. If you decide to get rid of it/ part it out, let me know I may buy the jet drive, and some other parts... Best, Andy
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    My Seadoo Challenger Video :)

    Great video Jesse ! I am new to jet boating around Houston. Can you recommend some areas? . I have been to lake sommerville many times. A few times on lk Houston from the southern park docks. Have your boat but the 210 carbed version :) maybe we can get some seadoo'ers around Houston...
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    Help with oem seat parts!

    Been looking, ordering, getting calls telling me "not made anymore" even got a new superseding number on the part from riva and it was then out of production after another followup call post order... challenger 2000, year 2000. need oem front buckets bottom seat cushions/covers. Does...
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    Vibration/nasty sounds- Speedster

    hey, how'd it go with the resleeve ? did you get the merc up n running again?
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    240 efi head temp on hose

    i have a merc 210 carbed and noticed the same head temp difference when i ran it on the driveway after removing the oil injection- it looks like the water goes into port and is then routed right there with a "T" to starboard - maybe less water going to it. seems like a "T" in the hose farther...
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    bucket seats

    They are listed. But after ordering I am told the factory says they are now not available anymore. Many dealers need to update their online ordering to reflect this. Thanks Andy
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    bucket seats

    Hi Anyone know what is newest year boat that had the preformed metallic silver seats (my boat is 2000 challenger 2000) for the driver & passenger buckets. I am looking to buy new from seadoo and the 2000 year models are discontinued - was hoping a later year seat cushion bottom of the same...
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    Merc oil blocker plate - 2 to choose - which one??

    Hey finally found some instructions - good ones here: Best, Andy
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    Merc oil blocker plate - 2 to choose - which one??

    thanks - yeah I know the nipple goes in - the shaft itself with the nipple has a flat side to the round shaft - I assume that goes toward the crank gear so it doesnt rub. so was just askin which way the flat side of shaft faces as you insert it in. I know about the oil level alarm for the...
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    Merc oil blocker plate - 2 to choose - which one??

    assuming 43453 is correct - Search for 43454 came up with a terminal block - so I think 43453 is right - The shaft has one side that is flat - does that side go in facing downward? is it safer to leave the oil pump on and just loop on engine tank back to itself? Thanks again, Andy
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    Merc oil blocker plate - 2 to choose - which one??

    thanks - more help The part number I have here is quicksilver # 43453 - is this not the correct one? receipt says AA708 Plug thanks Andy
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    Merc oil blocker plate - 2 to choose - which one??

    Hi Was just to dealer to pick up blocker plate to remove oil injection for 210 merc jetdrive The blocker they had is about 5 1/2 inches long - looks like you have to take out driven shaft before inserting - has o ring then we found another in the computer that looks more like the right...
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    2000 challenger merc 210 carb oil premix anyone?

    I am picking up the blockoff part tomorrow - hopefully it is the right one - it is only $7 and some change including o-ring...