Water in cockpit when sitting still

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Hello, When I stand in the back of my 1996 SeaDoo Speedster, water comes in the cockpit. Not much, but about 1/2". It leaves when the boat is on plane. It comes from the cockpit drain hole. I presume there is some kind of float valve that has malfunctioned, but I can't find any parts for it or indication about it at SeaDooWarehouse.
Any help you can give me is very much appreciated. Thanks. KjKlein
The valve for that hole is on the outside of the hull. It is called a scupper valve. Yours is either gummed up with juink or needs relpaced. You can find em online for 10 bucks or any marine store. Simple to swap out.
Your scupper is either a flap type or a ball type. Either one works well when not obstructed. Both are cheap and easy to install.

A little chunk of leaf out of the trees (or an errant cheeto) is all it takes to hold the ball or flap open and water can come back in.
Thanks for your help!

I am looking up scuppers now. I will check the boat the next time I go to the Lake (Dale Hollow Lake in TN). Thanks, Kjk
Here is mine, a ball scupper. Not sure if stock but it was on the boat when I bought it from Karl.


you can get them at west marine. http://www.westmarine.com/webapp/wc...01&storeId=11151&partNumber=1930353&langId=-1

Thanks for the advice,

Thanks for the help, the link to West Marine, and the picture. I will have to have it in my hand to see how it really works. W.M. says it is neutral bounancy ball. Very interesting. Well, anyway, thanks a ton. And OBTW, my frist name is Karl too! Best regards from Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee (very hot Tennessee), Karl K
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