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  • hi there. I live in Houston. Someone just gave me a 98 sea doo gti. They told me that it sat up for 2 years. I havent tried to start it yet. I have read that I need to change all the fuel lines and clean/rebuild the carb. Do you know of anyone who can rebuild it
    I have a1997 gtx that surges from 6000rpm up and down to 4000rpm I have replaced the grey fuel lines, changed the gas valve ,cleaned the rave valves ,changed the fuel pick up unit($200), changed all filters ,charged the battery, adjusted the caebs... the comp in the front cyl is 150psi and the rear is 125psi. Is that important and how do i check trhe rectifier?
    I need a TPS for a 240EFI M2 engine but the factory has been on back order for over a year. pn 14851004. Do you know any Mercury parts stores that might have it? Thanks. johnhibbs 619-991-4710
    For some reason I can't post public. So private will have to do. Have a 1994 Sea-Doo. Took to the shop, they worked on it took it to the lake and ran it for 30 minutes. Yesterday, I put it in the water and as usual it ran for 30 minutes or so and quit. Quits like it is not getting gas. Is there a sensor that would cause shutting off if there was a leak. Does not smell flooded but it won't run for long. Thanks for any advise you can offer.
    Hmmm...I have never seen this "Visitor Messages" thing before.

    But it is cool that SOMEBODY likes me :cheers:
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