Strong gas smell - is this normal? 2003 GTI LE - newbie needs help :(

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Hello all - and sorry for the long email, just want to give as much detail as possible.

I'm new to owning a PWC and I am concerned. Bought a uased 2003 GTI LE. Seems to run just fine. I have a little water in the hull (maybe 1/2 inch) - so little that tipping it on trailer will not enable water to come out of the drain plugs.

Issue is when I take the cover off the PWC or even smell around it you can smell gas. When I remove the seat and smell in the hull it has a VERY strong odor of gas. On the inside of the hull other than the small amount of water in the bottom, there seems to be 2 'ledges' half way up the hull (styrofoam to the rear of them). They have a VERY small amount of water. On the top of the water there seems to be a small amount of something floating. Can't confirm if it's fuel or something else. As for the small amount in the very bottom, I would say it seems 90% clean.

Also, in the inside of the hull there seems to be a slight spray/droplets here and there - maybe a dark red color. Also, when riding at very low speed (just above idle) you can really smell exhaust fumes, but when riding above that speed or just 'cruising' at idle you don't smell it.

Again, I'm new to PWC's so I THINK this may all be normal (epecially for a 2 stroke), but I would like more experienced owner's opinions.

Also, how can I wash out the hull? Can I just spray the inside with water and then open the plugs to let it drain out?

Thanks so much for anyone's assistance - much appreciatted!
I can't help with the gas smell (my wife would tell you I have the same problem). But I just finished washing out the hulls in both my skis about an hour ago. I read an old post, pretty sure it was by KustomKarl or SeadooSnipe that said the best thing to clean your hull is HOT water and DAWN dishwashing liquid. Lots of tight nooks and crannies to get into so I used a 2" paintbrush to scrub the hull. I opened the drain plugs and rinsed it out real well with the hose. Worked pretty well.
The best thing I have found to clean the hull is 50/50 mix Castrol Super Clean, spray it on let sit a few minutes, hose it out. Do not use a power washer. If you can't find the super clean, purple power works well also.

Jake's sister uses this to clean her bilge also. (Sorry inside joke.)

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