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    96 GSX won't exceed 4500 rpm maybe running rich?

    Hey all, I have a 1996 Seadoo GSX with the 787 Rotax, I just recently replaced the fuel lines from the crappy gray lines, cleaned out the fuel selector valve, changed the inline filter out (small filter before carb) and broke down the carbs to an extent. I didn't replace the pop of...
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    Strong gas smell - is this normal? 2003 GTI LE - newbie needs help :(

    Hello all - and sorry for the long email, just want to give as much detail as possible. I'm new to owning a PWC and I am concerned. Bought a uased 2003 GTI LE. Seems to run just fine. I have a little water in the hull (maybe 1/2 inch) - so little that tipping it on trailer will not enable...