1. D

    947 engine hydro locked

    Hello everyone I bought a 98 gsx limited a year or so ago fully dismantled and have since rebuilt the ski. During this rebuild I decided to remove the oil pump and block it off and run premix. I have ran it on a hose to test the engine for a bit of an extended period and was all okay. I then...
  2. burtshaver2021

    95 XP project

    I’ve been messing around with this 95 XP, it seemed like there was a strong fuel smell when I took the seat off. It has clear fuel lines held on with zip ties. I bought a back to OEM carb rebuild kit from OSD marine thinking that the seats where leaking causing the fuel smell? I took the carbs...
  3. J

    1995 spx carb settings

    recently picked up a 95 spx locally that had sat for several years. Compression checked out, replaced battery, replaced gray fuel lines, and rebuilt the dual carb with genuine mikuni parts. ski starts pretty easily now and runs mostly well (besides a bad wear ring, waiting for new one to show...
  4. burtshaver2021

    97 GSX sputtering, not getting fuel?

    I purchased a 1997 GSX a couple of days ago. 134 hours, 140 and 141 pounds compression. Seen that it had the Tempo fuel lines but I couldn’t wait to get it out on the water especially since these may be the last warm days here in Ontario. I did remove all the old purple oil from the oil...
  5. G

    95 xp 717 bogging off idle. Rich or lean?

    Hello all, I have a 95 xp that's stumping me and would like some input please. I bought the ski blown up and decided to buy a good, used engine on ebay. (150psi). It starts and idles nice and smooth, But bogs on acceleration. It does pull out of it eventually but one quick pull of the choke and...
  6. Logantw2543

    Very high compression 787 motor

    Hello, I recently purchased a 1999 seadoo challenger 1800 with 787 engines in them. I’m having a few issues with them that I can’t figure out. 1- on one of the motors the compression readings are around 210 on each cylinder. And I’m not sure why that is. I’m no mechanic but that doesn’t seem...
  7. B

    2003 rxdi fuel return problem

    Have a 2003 rxdi ski was doing dumb stuff so checked the fuel pressure and with just putting the key on the post the pressure is well over 100psi probably around 150psi but not sure the gauge only reads to 100psi but was told that with just the key it should only be at 27psi so I took the return...
  8. B

    How to remove fuel pump on speedster 200

    Hi everyone, My speedster 200 has been sit without gas for 18 month (I know, not a good idea) Result : Both fuel pump seem to work since I hear and fealit when I put the key on. No gas get out. Something is jammed in the pump. I would like to inspect it but, I don't know how to pull the fuel...
  9. BTR

    Internal Fuel Strainer | Get the right one.

    2005 RXT 4-TEC 215 HP. If you want to replace the internal fuel strainer, make sure you have the correct replacement part (see the pictures below). There are strainers on the market that are sold as being replacements for the OEM internal strainer (which doesn't have a part number because...
  10. R

    2000 GTX Fuel Pump

    I have a dumb question. Does my 2000 Millennium GTX (not DI) have an electric fuel pump in the tank. If so can the pump alone be replaced. I know it has the fuel pump sending unit in the tank, but is there a replaceable pump in there? Or do I need to replace the whole unit on this one. It...
  11. N

    Sea doo 4tec dumping fuel?

    Hello, my seadoo 2008 gtx 4tec kept hydrolocking, took the plugs out and fuel is just being dumped by the injectors into the cylinders. What do you guys think this may be any help would be appreciated thanks.
  12. RogerS

    Not getting gas !?

    After rebuilt engine, put all back into boat and connecting all cables and hoses... I can see thru the clear gas filter no gas is flowing or suck to the carbs... what should I do next? Need prime the line? How can I do that? Thanks
  13. Mitchapalooza

    What am I doing wrong??

    Hi Folks, I've been lurking on the forums for a while now and I have to say the posts/advice that I've looked at so far has proven extremely helpful in getting me this far - so thank you all very much! Also, thank you in advance for any responses to this thread. Your advice and opinions are...
  14. jwaterz07

    Not getting fuel???

    Okay y'all first let me say, please excuse my ignorance in this post. I've never owned a jet ski and kinda just learning as I go. Bought a 2001 GS a few months ago, it was running hooked up to the water hose and ran great. Took it out and completely forgot to check the plugs :rolleyes: Flooded...
  15. S

    Fuel line check valves

    I recently got a 1992 Seadoo GTS that would not start due to a bad Mpem unit. I replaced that, and I was able to get a spark. Now it's on to the fuel delivery. I wasn't able to suck in any gas so I decided to redo the entire fuel system. I found that the 2 lines inside the gas tank (from fuel...
  16. W

    96 Seadoo spx - fuel mixture update

    Back when these engines were built they did not have a mixture system that adapted to the amount of power you gave the seadoo. I am wondering if anyone has successfully put a new system in there that changes the oil and fuel mixture while driving. or if anyone knows where there is one that is...
  17. A

    Seadoo 1996 GSX Flooding fuel

    Hi guys, This post rolls on from my last thread where I couldn't get my GSX running. Now its had; a new ignition coil, 2 x carb repair kits plus 2 x new needle valves and seats & a solenoid. Its finally running. But when I try and start it, it will cough and splutter and not start...
  18. S

    2 stroke nitrous kit?

    Hi, I was wondering if a nitrous kit could be possible for my 1994 SeaDoo XP I was also wondering what the best fuel for it is, and the best oil for it. I could use my 110 octane avgas if that would work well... Thanks
  19. 7

    '96 GSX fuel problem

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, and looking for some technical help. We're attempting to sell my wife's '96 SeaDoo GSX, since we haven't used it in three summers, simply due to work, weather, etc (it was winterized, and stored indoors since then). 108 hours on the machine. Last week, I...
  20. G

    fuel for PWC

    I've been wondering if using the standard 10% ethanol fuel will damage the engine if it's 87 octane? The manual says not to use any alcohol in the fuel. Also the oil in the injector tank has a slight blue cast to it. Is that the synthetic? I've only seen red and brown mentioned in this forum...