Sticky black dotted handlebar pad fix

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Was looking in old posts about handlebar pad replacement and came across the Sticky handlebar pad cover 95GTX post from about a year ago. Decided it was worth a shot for my 1995 XP I just bought that was sitting outside in a barn for a few years getting caked on with dirt. Basically to make my old handlebar cover look better without dropping over a hundred dollars for a new one I am going to clean it best that I can and paint it with Plasti Dip that I bought in menards and see how it turns out. In the original post from a year ago they were interested in how the brush on would work instead of the spray - the brush on is all I could find so I'm goin to give it a shot and throw some pictures up which that old post lacked. I'm going to go from the original yellow to black for my 95 XP. Let me know what you guys think !

These first pics are of how it looks now after some hard cleaning even though it doesn't look clean.


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Keep up the updates. Mine looks bad, but luckily not THAT bad. I would be interested to see how it turns out.

Seems you could thin the brush on stuff with acetone or something and spray it on...
Just put the first coat on the back half, a lil nervous I think the spray might have been easier cuz im far from talented with a paint brush but nothing can really hurt the appearance of this thing
Pretty much anything can be sprayed. Just gott figure out what to use to thin it.

That is why I usually use acetone for "odd" things that aren't normally sprayed. Thins well, then evaporates quickly. Packs a good "buzz" too:reddevil:

I would try to mix a small amount in lacquer thinner first to see if it mixes and thins and doesn't just gunk up.

Be sure to do this outside...don't want to be breathing those vapors. Besides, the neighbors cars will look totally awesome with specks of yellow flecked all over them:reddevil::reddevil:
finally got the pics up

worked out alright I'm happy with it for now. Overall better than it was but nowhere near new quality. Let me know what you all think !


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engine is shot too haha, already got a new seat, eyeing a grab handle, thinking about tryin to paint the hood myself saw a few who did it on this forum, didnt turn out too bad
Bro.. that hood I showed you was perfect! Just man up and buy it.. you won't regret a mint hood.

What were you planning on doing for the rest of the body? How bad is it? Can you polish it back to a glimey shine?
it doesnt look like that picture anymore... i removed the decals and am waiting for another day above 30 degrees so i dont freeze (live in Illinois), to buff it out ill attach a pic to show how much better it looked after a lil work and a bath
btw any advice is appreciated, i have never owned or worked on any pwc before, just used my buddy's


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from the previous owner he said water got into the crank and basically the engine is shot, i have it in boxes outside of the xp, never worked with engines in pwc's only cars and limited at that so I'm not really sure whats going on with it. Looked at engines similar to this plus this guy is local who rebuilds them so he might be able to help me out.
is this engine any different from what I have? just a newer model is all i got from it ? thanks
okay.. to answer your question it is the same engine but they are all silver now.

I have a couple real important questions for you before you start.

1. What have you budgeted for this project?
2. Have you given any thought to weather you want to keep it stock (super reliable) or mod (depends on what level but will be less reliable)?

Personally.. if your gonna fix a ski do it right.. but I totally understand working with a budget. So your going to want to get the best bang for your buck. You also have A LOT to go over in that ski. The engine being the obvious hurdle of course.. but, lets not forget the carbs, fuel lines, electrronics and pump assembly. These separate parts work together to make a ski move.. the better they work together, the better the ski moves. If you have a brand new engine put in there.. but your carbs are crap, or your MPEM is shot, or the pump is shot.. your not gonna move. All these parts I listed by the way you can find on the internet (new or used in great condition) for nearly pennies on the dollar if you shop smart. The cool thing about your particular model ski is this... It has a great hull (X4 hull) but a less desirable engine. Not saying the engine is bad, actually it's very reliable when taken care of.. It's just not as desired as the 787 Sea-Doo put into the XP the following year because the 787 is the $#*T. That being said, parts for the 718 can be found relatively cheap which is great for you. And don't get me wrong.. the 95 XP really is a great ski when it's all fresh and new. Fun as hell.

Anyway.. let me know your budget and what is going down with your engine, electronics, pump and carbs and myself and others on here will be sure to help you.

PS.. make sure you change the fuel lines out if they are greay and check your vin # with a sea-doo dealer to see if the tank has been replaced under recall. I am pretty sure the 95 XP's had the tank recall too. Good luck!
budget got better !

just bought on ebay:
storage compartment:
handlebar cover:
and that hood:

AND Just went to the boat last night and won over $650 so that means I get to buy an engine for nothing out of pocket !
stock should be good for me I just want to have fun on this thing and get it outta the water a lil chasing some yachts on lake michigan !

I gotta tell you.. I am happy you got those parts. lol.. the trick now is to keep it clean and new.. always wash it after you ride.. polish it a few times a year and dry off the whole ski after you clean it then put on a protective coating for storage. Moisture is what causes a lot of those black spots on the seat and handlebar cover. Cool about the money you won.. have you figured out how many internal parts need replacement/repair?
haven't had time to get in there too much yet, not really sure if i will know what im doing with them if I do but i do have the shop manuals..the guy who sold me the skis sent me one for each so i'll see what i can figure out
Great.. if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. There is a large knowledge base on this site.

if your engine got water in it, Look up east coast cycles in PA they take your core and rebuild it for about 700.00 including shipping with a 1 year warranty with all wsm parts.
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