Star bolts? Torx bolts? What do I need to buy?

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2005 RXT 4-TEC Supercharged Intercooled 215HP. Used throughout the engine bay, there are "bolts" that have star-shaped heads. I need to purchase some socket wrenches that fit these bolts. Are they "star bolts" or "Torx bolts" or something else? What sockets do I need to buy? Thanks for your help.
For future reference, they are Torx. I went through the parts diagrams and looked for all instances of Torx. As far as I can tell, all of the Torx used are either M6, M8, M10, or M11. Thus, in order to work with these sizes, you’ll need Torx sockets E8, E10, and E12.

Additionally, given the engine compartment doesn't have much room to use tools, it's recommended that a 1/4" drive be used for the Torx sockets.
The only one I think you need to get off for regular service is the oil filter cover. If you are dissembling more of the engine than that, then yes, maybe buy the E-sockets.
But a regular 6-sided socket in the tightest size that fits over the male Torx head (might be metric, I forget) will have sufficient torque to get the oil filter cover open. Since the oil filter cover is sealed by an o-ring, the bolt just needs to be tight enough to not work loose.
If you have a harbor freight store in your area they sell them. Not the best quality but good enough for the do it yourself guy. I picked up mine there.
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