951 DI Compressor Bolt


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I know not everyone works on these skis but I know some do or have done so. :D I want to buy a few Connecting Rod Bolts that secure the connecting rod onto the balance shaft. I was told by an engine builder those bolts are 6mmX1.0mmX30mm "hardened." I'm having issues identifying the hardness on the bolts available for purchase. Is there a Vendor I can buy them from where I will "know" these are the proper bolts? I have a couple of SBT Compressor rebuild kits I bought for emergency use. The kits are in another location so I can't open them up. Do the kits come with a new Connecting rod bolt.

I ordered 12.9 grade alloy steel but... that is not a grade number with which I am familiar.

I suspect a DI ingested some water and sheared the bolt on the con rod for the compressor. I haven't looked at the ski yet and I hope this isn't the case but I want to have what I need to make the repair as quickly as possible. Help is appreciated.

You know.... This isn't the first time that a boat owner launched two jets with the drain plugs open. I'm considering a freakin level switch with a damn SHIPS HORN that vibrates their asses off the seat when water is coming in. Day Yum !!!! I don't have time for this crap. :D
Just a little follow up. The bolts arrived but I didn't need it or the Compressor Rebuild kit. Thankfully when the guy filled the hull with water the engine quit BEFORE the compressor suck up water. So YAY !! Being me though I now have an extra compressor rebuild kit. LOL