951 GTX DI Air Compressor Rebuild - Revisting


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Hey all 951 DI lovers!

I try not to start duplicate threads, but the 951 DI air compressor thread has gone a little stale, and I haven't been able to find what I am looking for on the air compressor - talk about the compressor head itself.

I'm rebuilding my 2002 GTX DI 951 engine and one of the things I see people say is to rebuild the air compressor while it's out. Ok, good and fine; but the rebuild kits our there are for the compressor piston, sleeve, rings, rod, etc. What about the rebuilding the head? Does the reed ever fail, need to be replaced? I have yet to find someplace that has the compressor head parts.

Thanks in advance for the thoughts. @etemplet - you have a couple of old threads - what were your findings?

You can take the head apart and change the components if they are damaged but I have never done that nor have I searched for replacement parts. I've had to buy a head off Ebay because one was missing and that one worked fine. I just give it all a very close inspection. I pay a lot of attention to the oil check valves and drain fitting at the bottom of the compressor.
Thanks Gene - you've seen and posted quite a bit about these dinosaurs - and it is much appreciated!