2005 RXT very low hours, just purchased. What maintenance should i do?


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Hello, I'm new to the group and new to the supercharged engines. I recently purchased this RXT from a young guy that knew nothing about it other than it sat in his grandfather's shop since new. This ski only has 10 hours on it! Very clean, like new condition. I've researched some and it seems like this year model is known to have some supercharger issues. My question is, should I rebuild this supercharger before ever putting it in the water or could I safely run it for a season? And if need be, what is the best parts or kit to use? Also, is there anything else I should check or replace?

Here is a list of what I have already replaced

Cleaned the fuel lines and injectors
Cleaned the fuel tank
Replaced the fuel pump and filter
Changed engine oil and filter
Replaced the steering cable and nut(upgraded to aluminum).
Maybe the coolant.
Absolutely the plugs, or at least have spares.
I would have the SuperCharger rebuilt, 2005 had ceramic washers, very bad,
and the bearings have plastic races so they do not age well.
I sent mine to PWC Muscle