Sportster ice box lid

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So today the family and I took the 02 Sportster out for the first time and ice box lid was barely holding on with one plastic hinge. Well guess what happened, wife opened it up not knowing it was on its last leg and it broke and fell into the water. Water was to brown to dive down and find it so.... we spent the rest of the day looking online for a replacement and holy crap why are they so expensive. My question is has anyone put something else over. I was thinking of having a canvas shop just make a cover the snaps around it. Got to be cheaper then 400 bucks. Any thoughts?
there was one on ebay a few weeks ago for 100 bucks. might just keep your eye on that. also, there is a guy on this forum selling ski rope doors. i think he may also have the cooler as well.

my hinges were also going out. instead of waiting for the inevitable, i was proactive and purchased 2" aluminum hinges off the same big auction site to replace them. i also did the ski rope door while i was at it. those new metal hinges should last the life of the boat.
Okay, thanks. Clearly this was a big problem with them. I just don’t understand why there so expensive to replace and so scarce, compared to other parts.
I replaced both my hinges recently. The lid also has a braided cable tether so it can not be lost and to limit how much the lid opens. Good insurance for a little lid that sells for about $500 CAD.
They are pricey, but I’ve never seen one in the USA sell for anywhere near that kind of money. there are dingleberries trying to sell all sorts of things on eBay for stupid money. If you were to look at past sales though, they are pretty much around a hundred bucks with an occasional unit selling for up to 2 hundred.
@FlyboyX you don't by chance have a pic if the hinges you got do you? Mine are split also, and I'd rather replace with aluminum if possible.
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$500 CAD is for a new one from the dealer.

that part has been NLA for years. i recently had some guy in canada quote me like 400 bucks used for that door. i just chuckled and shook my head.

for a number that silly, i can just get mine re painted
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@FlyboyX nice, i really like those.
i'll have to poke around and see if i can find anything. or just wait until they get back in stock seeing how mine is down for the count for a while....
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