Shaft bumper - 2011 rxt 260

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Pulled my pump and shaft out today on my 2011 260 to replace carbon seal, sleave, pto bearing and seal.

Was surprised not to see a rubber bumper on the end (see pic). Shouldn't there be one there? Do I have to go fishing in the impeller housing for it?

Was also surprised that the pto bearing (or whatever its called - again pic attached) fell right out of the pto bellows. Expected to have to take of the ottinger clamp to get it out.

Any guidance/shared experience welcomed.


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no bumper on 4tec driveshafts at the impeller
if you just pull on the driveshaft without holding or tapping on the inner portion of bearing, it will pull out. you should be able to push it back without replacing the oetiker clamp
Sorry, it was the PTO end I was referring to. The rubber bumper was stuck in the PTO. Was able to fish it with needle nose.

Re that bearing pulling out - it had a bit of play so I think I'm just going to replace the whole pto bearing/seal assembly just in case.
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