Sea Doo Sportster Traction Mat Install Question.

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Cadillac Hank

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I’m installing a BlackTip Jetsports Traction Mat kit on a 2011 Sea Doo Sportster that I recently purchased. On the starboard side of the stern the factory boat deck has an oval shaped black foam piece surrounded by the red original mat. Does anyone know why this is here and if I need to retain it? The BlackTip kit did not arrive with a cutout for this. Thx in advance for the input!


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I was going to tell you that oval was a logo location but I figured you already got that done. Looks very nice. I'm restoring a 1996 Speedster but don't plan on keeping it unless I fall in love with it. :) I'm gonna order a graphics kit from a guy on Ebay. Only $170. Enjoy your boat !!