Newbie - 1st pwc 95 seadoo xp

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Hi there guys!!!! I'm from Portugal, i'm new to the forum and new to pwc's as well.

I've had boats in the past, but i'm about to grab my first sea doo. It's a 95 xp, average condition inc. trailer for 600€(+/-700$)

Now the thing is that it comes with a 580 engine besides the 717... There are some attached pics.

Do you think it's a good deal?!

I can get my hands on a 717 for arround 300€ (400$).

There are some other xp's/spx's for arround 1500€(1800$), but has i'm kinda handy, i think a project build could become quite fun.

Let me just mention that in my country, pwc's do come by cheap, no matter theyr age.

Thanks guys!


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It runs, yes. I'll bring a compression tester next time i'll visit the seller.

Forgot to mention that he already bought it with that engine fitted

He will also include in the deal a bunch of 580/587 parts.
That’s interesting. You’re definitely going to want the 717/720 in that ski though. If it were me personally, I’d spend the extra money now for a running XP/SPX with either the 717 or 787 in it already. It’s far less expensive to buy a running ski with the motor you want rather than try to fix or swap one. Even if you buy a motor for $400, you’re going to have to buy some tools and replacement parts that add up to far more than you’d spend on another ski.
This particular ski is in my hometown, the others are up in the North. There's a nice 99spx for 1500€ non negotiable and it's a 7 hour drive. The other thing is, a 787 will have a sea tax of +/-260€ a year, with a 717 is 106€ a year.

Also, in my hometown, i can get my hands on a 717.

Forgot to mention that with this jet comes a bunch of 580/587 parts that i could sell and get some money back, but i'm a newbie when it comes to

Apart of those deals, there are some gp1200r for 3/4k, lots of kawis, but i'm not aiming that way.

Rxt's are like 4t dirtbikes, 2nd hand market is huge, but i'm a hardline 2stroke fan.

I own a garage with a few of my friends, there are dirt bikes, jetskis, drift cars, and we do all the work together. We loooooove projects, and swaps and all that useless stuff, nothing's stock in there

Let me see if i can lower the price on both deals...

Thanks a lot for your tips guys!!!!!
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