My first pwc and i need help!

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I bought my first jet ski it is a 98 bombardier 787, i bought it super dirt cheap, motor was seized i was told, i took the motor apart and found out that the piston heads were stuck on the piston cylinder head anyways now i gotta wait for parts my crank is exposed to the elements and i wanna keep it from rusting, will it be a good idea to fill the botton crank case with 2 stroke oil until i get the parts? If i do how would i drain it? Would it get mixed with gear oil i keep hearing that you are supposed to put and ounce and somethinb of 30 weight oil? And little pieces of wood fell in the crankcase from when i was trying to free up the engine whats the best way to flush it without disasssmbleing the botton crank? Thank u for all ur answers.
How many hours are on the engine? The crank may need to be replaced along with the top end. Only way to truly know is have computer hooked up to BUDS system. Do NOT buy pistons until you have the cylinders bore over so that the machinist can make sure to match them, depending how far over they need to go. Your best bet is to buy top end rebuild kit from, as he bores the cylinders and matches pistons to it exact. I have personally done 3 top ends from him and all were perfect. I personally would not fill the cases/crank with oil, but just use spray lubricant in as many places ad you can reach, and then fresh rags stuffed in the holes and around the rods, and obviously don't store the engine outside in the elements.
I don't think chunks of wood are going to be good for the crank.

might be time to crack that open, at this point its only more gaskets.
If it is seized and you have little personal knowledge of the engines past, you might as well pull the engine and check out the crank. It would be no fun to rebuild the top end only to find out the crank is crap.
I'm with yous guys^ If you are capable of a top end then you should be able to do the bottom end, like spim sed it's only gaskets at this point and putting a new top end on a roached crank will wind up with what you are starting with. Did you figure out why it locked up? You rebuilt the carbs yet?
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