1. RogerS

    Crankcase seal bad

    Memorial at the lake boat slow down and running rough with white smoke with bad odor Fouling plugs in only 2 minutes of replacement,,, did it twice! I’m guessing is causing by a bad crankcase seal or inner crank seal leaking oil into cylinders. Any recommendation? Can I pull engine out and do it...
  2. shendricks25

    96 Seadoo Sportster 717 Crankcase Leak?

    Hi everyone, I'm Stephanie. This is my first time posting and owning a boat. I purchased a 1996 Seadoo Sportster with the 717 motor after being told it only needed a shifter cable. I replaced it myself thanks to SBT. When I put it in the water, it ran like like a champ for about 30 minutes, then...
  3. T

    My first pwc and i need help!

    I bought my first jet ski it is a 98 bombardier 787, i bought it super dirt cheap, motor was seized i was told, i took the motor apart and found out that the piston heads were stuck on the piston cylinder head anyways now i gotta wait for parts my crank is exposed to the elements and i wanna...
  4. S

    1994 SeaDoo SPI Help!?

    I've recently bought a 1994 SPI and before I got it guy ran it For me, etc. When I brought it home I decided to run it again, just to hear it and put it to rest for the rest of winter. As I started the machine it turned over amazing, and when it started it sounded good (for the first five...
  5. benstoker

    rotary valve crankcase grooves

    Hey everyone. I recently bought a 94 gtx fixer upper and have just pulled the engine on it. When I removed the carbs and rotary valve case, I noticed a chunk was missing from the rotary valve. The case looks fine (no grooves or anything) but the crankcase side is all sorts of grooved. From what...
  6. djredman99

    Changing Crankcase Oil - 947/951 engine

    Changing Crankcase/Counterbalance Oil - 947/951 engine Hey all. Recently my 98 GSX Limited took on water because both siphon tubes in the jet nozzle (to the rear of the impeller) had fallen out. My engine took on a lot of water so I followed the shop manual to clear the water out. The manual...
  7. djredman99

    Changing Crank Case Oil - 97.5 GSX Limited

    Hey guys, I took on water today, about 1/3 full in the hull. I have been following the Shop manual for a Water-Flooded Engine (Section 02-04). (Please see the attachments) How exactly do I go about changing the crank case oil? The filler plug in the picture they show is not exactly...
  8. thejacksonkid910

    96 xp crankcase

    So last time we were at the river i turned the ski over and it stayed upside down for around five minutes (not running) and it filled up with water. blah blah blah so when we got it back i pulled the carbs, plugs, gas tank. cleaned them up according the the repair manual procedure, but im at the...