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    My first pwc and i need help!

    I bought my first jet ski it is a 98 bombardier 787, i bought it super dirt cheap, motor was seized i was told, i took the motor apart and found out that the piston heads were stuck on the piston cylinder head anyways now i gotta wait for parts my crank is exposed to the elements and i wanna...
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    Seadoo xp 97 oil leak

    Hi, I have recently bought my seadoo xp 97. I have an oil leak from the bottom end of the engine block. All my 2stroke oil is leaking into the bottom of the hull. When I use the ski it barely leaks as its flowing but standing still it drains a full tanks in 2/3 days. I found roughly Where its...
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    2002 gtx rfi hoses and sensors question

    have a quick question. i took my uncles ski to fix for him after a mechanic screwed him by not installing a new motor correctly. the mechanic removed the oil injection system and i am putting it back in. after looking through the service manual it shows 2 larger oil lines running to both sides...